The NGP Senior Experience

When Nikki decided to specialize in senior portraiture, her goal was for it to be a memorable “experience”, tell a story and capture the essence of each senior as an individual.   Taking senior portraits to a new level and making them extra special has resulted in receiving multiple awards, becoming nationally published, featured in magazines and other forms of media. She even has enjoyed seeing two of her images featured on the jumbotrons in Time Square.  With that being said, you can be assured that you are receiving more than a standard school yearbook portrait!

Nikki’s mission is to portray how beautiful you are in this moment. She wants you to see your portraits and say, “WOW”! “My senior portrait experience was one of the highlights of my senior year; but my portrait session truly captured ME —plus I look amazing”!  Seeing a senior walk away from a session with an unshakeable confidence is one of the many reasons Nikki truly loves her job.

“The Experience”is so much fun!  There is a reason seniors reserve their session over a year in advance. From the moment your session is scheduled, to creating a style that reflects your personality, adding the personal touch of professional hair and makeup (for the ladies) throughout your session, you will never find a moment where you are not feeling extra special. The “NGP Experience” stands alone as its’ own senior memory. The ladies have the luxury of Ashley (Nikki’s hair and makeup artist for almost 3 years!!! ) join the session and she will make changes to go with each outfit. It does not matter if your style is bold, natural or somewhere in between, they are committed to make your “Senior Experience” one to swoon over! Ashley insures you are camera ready at all times, keeping you feeling confident throughout your session. Finalizing our time together with a “Big Reveal” is just icing on the cake! 

The guys are also super important! I mean, after all, Nikki does have two handsome boys and she kind of “gets it”. Guys aren’t always eager to do a senior session, but once they meet Nikki and realize she is more about the candid moment; the session offers up an entire new realm of possibilities!    Nikki has experienced “muddin”, skateboarding, had a golf ball hit right over the top of her head and not to be out done, a bow and arrow pointed slightly to the right of her so she can get a certain “look” and yes, even a hockey puck aimed towards her; all in an effort to get the ultimate shot! If you have an idea, then she is likely to attempt it! The guys will also receive a style guide and will also get the option to add a pet, car/truck, or activity…the goal is always capturing the senior and their personality!

The nature of the experience is very tailored, no two sessions are alike and the process is exactly that.  A “process”.  You receive a memory that lasts a lifetime with a variety of tangible options to accompany those digitals that we know are on the top of your wish list !

In order to book and learn all the specifics about this one of a kind Nikki Guest Photography experience, please email Nikki! She would love to get to know you! Once you are scheduled, it is time to begin the adventure of creating the magic of your session!!! Your welcome magazine and style guide will be waiting in your inbox ready to get the party started!