Senior Destination Sessions

Let’s face it sometimes you may want something different and the good news is there are affordable options to take your senior portraits on the road, in the air, on a boat, plane or anywhere!!! Ha! Ha! 

Before I share my thoughts on senior destination sessions, let me tell you a few tidbits about “staying local” (I get asked this a LOT, so I thought this was a perfect place to share) there isn’t a day that goes by when I am not seeking new locations.   Each session’s locations are evaluated carefully based on the seniors answers on their questionnaire and their clothing choices.   This year in particular (Class of 2019), I have found a large number of unique and new spots to share with my seniors and I am sooo excited!  They are definitely hidden gems and just make my artistic brain kick into overdrive! 

However, sometimes a session is just begging for a little “extra extra”.   Senior Destination Sessions definitely take it up a few notches and take it to a whole new level !   Yes!  You read that correctly!  Senior Destination Sessions!!!  

Did you know that Nikki Guest has luggage and WILL travel!?

It doesn’t need to be exotic or crazy far (although it can be! ha! ha!), it may be your family’s land in the hill country, or perhaps you love going to Austin or San Antonio, or are you are an aspiring dancer and want your shots in NYC, there really are unlimited options!

Nikki and Ashley (hair and makeup artist) will make create an incredible senior portrait experience in your “Happy Place”!    Destinations are fun because additional time is provided and can produce an even greater variety of photos.    Architecture and the natural beauty of  God’s creation is the perfect backdrop to any senior portrait experience.  Anytime there is an added element of “something” different it is hard to not stop and take notice! 

So what do you want for your destination session? Seaside, San Diego or the South Pacific…. let’s start planning!