Project Beauty

Class of 2020 NGP Ambassadors first activity was to participate in a program called Project Beauty.   

My friend and fellow senior photographer, Thomas Nguyen created Project Beauty to help young ladies recognize their beauty goes beyond the surface.   Senior photographers across America have noticed an obvious trend whereby teens are constantly comparing themselves and never feeling “worthy” or “enough”.    Most of this trend is sustained because of social media.  Each image has a filter and portraying what they want to be like.   Creating awareness and confidence without hiding behind the makeup is one way to feel empowered.  When Thomas mentioned he wanted to teach teen girls that social media creates a scene of filtered perfection and we can          go beyond that and break the rules of what society says is "pretty", other photographers were happy to join his project.  Yes, your senior has captured the heart of photographers across the country.  We want to make a difference and help empower youth to see beyond the surface.  Some people may ask, but you are a photographer that provides hair and makeup and your pictures are like a magazine!? Yes, I am!  I, too, believe in putting your best face forward and striving each day to look your best and naturally in senior photographs you want to feel pretty and have a fun day of pampering.   Project Beauty is a different perspective and takes on the element the beauty of seeing yourself and awesome without the glam.  It is a movement to show that you aren't afraid to hide behind a filter or makeup to show your true self.  You can be confident and celebrate who you are!    

Each young lady photographed was also asked to consider contributing to    The Elisa Project’s goal is to educate youth about eating disorders. 

After each ambassador was captured, they were asked to answer a few questions.