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Hello Strangers! Ha! Ha!

I know, it has been a bit quiet for some time! Rarely does it happen that we go so long without chatting; but the Texas weather has been a force to reckon with for sure! Amazingly enough I will likely (so long as nothing crazy happens, I do have kids and these boys keep me on my toes!) have a blog post tomorrow and Wednesday….then GUESS what!???? Lights out for about a little over a week! Don’t worry, I will be back and then it is going to be such an incredible unveiling! The website is getting a complete makeover! There will be new sections covering different aspects to what types of sessions are being offered along with some fun news for Class of 2020!!! So…just know that is in the works. It is likely why I have also been a little quiet, there are a few major things happening that are in full force and it is all “behind the scenes” but has everybit to do with this fun journey I am on with senior photography!

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