Each session is just as unique as you are! As your family grows or milestones are accomplished
I want to capture them; but more importantly you want to remember them! Expect to laugh,
share stories and expect to have a great time!

Upon booking your session, a questionnaire is sent to you that will help me
learn more about you! Your answers will help me learn more about your family dynamic and your style.   As candid as the moments are…each detail is planned. All of the preplanning makes for a great session and timeless images that you are anxious to create. Aside from the brief questionnaire, we will schedule a time for me to visit your family. Even if it’s just briefly.  This small amount of time together can alleviate some initial awkwardness we sometimes endure when someone other than a friend or family member takes our picture.  I love getting to meet my clients in their home because it gives me an opportunity to learn about your style! It also helps us plan for the wall space where your family memories are going to hang. During our time together, we will discuss your goals for the session and all the additional details will fall into place…color palate, clothing choices, props (although we rarely use them) and finally location. In addition to clothing –how awesome would it be to have someone do your makeup! Yes, that can be included in your session along with hairstyling (this doesn’t include blowdry-but would include styling. Sessions are typically scheduled  two hours before sunset or about an hour after sunrise, but as always…I can tweak when necessary.

Once we arrive at our location we will get reaquainted and if we were unable to meet prior to the shoot, then time will be taken to get to know each other a little better. Not only will you get to know me, but if you have chosen the option to have my makeup artist/hairstylist-she will be there as well to ensure that everything runs smoothly! Who knows, we might change up the look a couple of times if it seems fitting. I understand portrait sessions can be a little bit stressful (yes I know from my
own personal experience!), but I want to make your session fun and as stress free as possible so
that natural feelings emerge. Although the questionnaire and our time together helped me learn about  your family and help ease into conversations soliciting fun responses, we are never prepared for when your son may suddenly decide to pick up a stick and sword fight their brother! My most valuable images not only to me but to my clients are those “typical boy” moments between
brothers without even asking them to do anything! Sometimes it may be sisters just playing tag
at the end of a session, little do they know my camera is still snapping! By allowing your
children to be themselves around me and allowing me to capturing them in the MOMENT…we
are freezing that little bit of time you often say you want to bottle up.

About two weeks after your session, we will set up a gallery viewing session which will take
place in my home or yours. We will discuss all of the possibilities for displaying your favorite
images and showcasing your ART! You will have the opportunity to see a variety of fine art
choices along with various printing styles. Additional treasures are albums, canvas and
storyboards. Approximately 3 weeks after your ordering session we will meet so that I can
deliver your products to you!
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