Hello Friends! 

My name is Nikki Guest. My love for photography quickly developed after the birth of my first son. I found myself taking snapshot after snapshot and then displaying them online for the world to see! I took pictures of his hands, his feet, his ears and even his shoulders! My desire was to capture every element of who he is and freeze it in time. Well, time didn't stand still in the real world and we were blessed with a little dude that loves to wear action hero costumes and act silly! What more could an inspiring photographer hope for?

My love for creativity and capturing the essence of an individual's personality through pictures is pure joy for me. Of course, my love for family, God and the beauty around us inspires me daily. Although I can't bottle a child's joy or stop time from ticking away; I can certainly do my best to capture the little moments that make our hearts melt. 

Our session together will be most likely full of laughter...we will get creative and figure out what exhibits your character, style and overall personality. We will spend our time outdoors and you will find that candid shots will be our primary method of capturing these little gems that tell your family story...I want to help document it. :-)

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