Tompkins Senior | Katy Senior Photographer | Class of 2016

Good Morning Folks!

Around September we begin to see the early signs of Christmas.   When you walk into Hobby Lobby various sizes of Christmas trees adorn the aisles.  Ornaments are carefully placed on each limb and the song, "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" starts to fill your head.
Honestly, I find it annoying.  I mean...September?? I am still wearing flip flops (well that is year round in Texas).

 As we get closer to the blissful holiday season, folks switch from pumpkin spice latte to apple cider and break out the holiday sweaters (even in Houston's hot temps!) and we all begin to celebrate the season.   I have always been a fan of Saturday Night Live and the whole skit that features the girls on NPR in their holiday sweaters interviewing  Alec Baldwin (and that's ALL I will say about that). ;-) After years of watching the reruns of that infamous skit , I associate holiday wear and "mom jeans" as kind of a "nerdy" thing to wear during the holiday season.  Then I met Sydney!!!!   Ahhhh...Sydney.   What a breath of fresh air!   The point to this story is that Sydney LOVES CHRISTMAS sweaters!  Not just LOVES-- but is slightly obsessed.   She wears holiday attire YEAR round.   I LOVE THIS GIRL!   In today's "teen world"  there is an expectation to conform to what is the coolest trend or blend in and play it safe so you aren't teased or stand out.    Sydney is the POLAR opposite of that...she is so unique and her love of quirky differences sets her apart and has others seeing that it's ok to be different.  

When Sydney's mom mentioned the little Christmas sweater obsession, I was all over it.  I think Denise (Sydney's Mom) thought I was crazy!   How in the world, would we get gorgeous photos with a holiday sweater!?   Little did she know we would certainly get it done, with class and pizzazz!
Just like Sydney!   I want to honor these seniors and their quirky traits...these are important memories and I am the lucky one to ensure it is treasured.

You wouldn't be surprised to know that Sydney is planning to pursue acting in college.  Her college choice is undetermined at the moment; but whether she one day wins a Tony, Oscar or is a teacher that is treasured by kids, she will do it smiling and most likely wearing a holiday sweater.

Enjoy these images of Sydney!  We had more fun than I could ever describe.    I love this girl and can't wait to see her and a few of my other seniors perform in "Rumors" tonight at Tompkins High School.