Senior Model | Seven Lakes High School | Taekwondo | Dance

Good Evening Friends!!  Like I said, I am getting caught up on my blog posts!

I have yet to meet a senior that I don't like. It's probably why I chose to focus my photography around SENIORS!   Allie is actually a neighbor.  I have known her for quite sometime and her family was one of my first families to "shoot" when I started almost 5 years ago.   They trusted me for "round 2" last December and now I am honored to have her as my senior spokesmodel for 2016!  

Allie is a senior at Seven Lakes High School and is rockin' the top out boys...this is now my second girl in Katy that is rising to the top!   Allie is not only incredibly smart...but this girl has several black belts (I lost count :-), dancer at school and teaches her love for piano with others.  I honestly do not know how she does it!

Allie's college ambition seems to be headed in her parents foot steps as she considers Texas A & M University.   I am sure we will have a formal announcement in the spring when we post a few more pictures of this gorgeous girl!  

So stay tuned...we will have the meantime...check out her rockin' session!!!  We covered a lot of her favorite things to do; as well as many looks that just show off her already existing beauty!