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Happy Sunday!   I am so excited to share the following images with everyone.   For those of you that follow me here or on facebook, you are probably not a stranger to this couple.   I did their engagement session, wedding, maternity, newborn and we are...celebrating their new home and their baby's upcoming 6 month birthday!   Don't be surprised if you see more of them in the future as they are one of the few that I will continue to photograph.   I love watching them grow and celebrating their milestones.   Their little girl is just an angel and her smiles seriously light up a room!
Their new home is in a beautiful part of North West Houston and has acreage that will allow for Celeste to bring her other baby, "Scooter" home from Dallas.   Scooter is a beautiful horse that will surely love his new digs.   Now...based on the sneak peek I am not sure what kind of welcome he will receive from "Sadie" the dog.    As you can see, Sadie wasn't pleased when "Max" (the newest addition to the family) decided to join in the photo session.   Sadie's best side turned out to be her backside to the camera and she remained that way until the cat moved.   If you don't think dogs have personalities or feelings...YOU ARE WRONG!

Along for the session was Celeste's mom.   I haven't seen Deborah since the wedding and watching her bask in the delight of her new grand-baby was just precious.   Deborah certainly has a gift for making this little sweet pea giggle.

So with all the election coverage ...I thought we would turn it up a notch and take a different turn!
There is a great debate within the Berger-Slaughter family.   No one can really's a toss up.
Let's leave it to you all and take a poll...who does Miss P look like?  Ryan or Celeste???

Enjoy the pics...I know I loved capturing them! xo

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