Cinco Ranch High School | Senior Model | Katy Senior Photographer

Good Morning!  I am so excited to share Abby's session!  First of all...congratulations to this gorgeous Class of 2016 Senior for making Homecoming Court at Cinco Ranch High School!

Abby is my senior rep for Cinco Ranch High School!  She was soooo much fun!
Not only is does she play the sax for the jazz band, but she also plays clarinet.   Abby is also extremely involved in Girl Scouts and participates in their sailing club.  Seriously, when I read that she likes to go sailing...I was hooked!   I knew we would find our way to a sailboat and the fun would begin!   While we were at the docks capturing these precious moments...we of course were greeted by a few crazy people!  The timing was perfect because the laughing was non-stop!   Aside from that...Abby was totally game for heading to Kemah Boardwalk...I mean, after all...if we are near Kemah to do a sailboat shoot...we have to head to the boardwalk!  Abby and I had a blast and although I could give you play by play moments; because there are so many...I wanted to get to the gorgeousness of Abby....

Before I's important to note that Abby is planning on majoring in Marine Biology at Texas A&M and is just a delight to capture with my camera!