Senior Session|Seven Lakes High School|Taekwondo

Hi Folks!

This will be one of two separate back to back blog posts.   You will understand shortly.   :-)  On the street where I live there is a precious family that pretty much houses "my go to plan" for just about anything!  It works so nicely that 4 teenagers all live within what we call in Texas, "spittin' distance".
Austin is one of the 4 teens that incorporate (yes, they should incorporate themselves) this awesome street feature.

Austin is a Class of 2016 Senior at Seven Lakes High School; however as much I know he is dedicated to his book studies, his true passion is taekwondo.    I don't claim to know much about all the levels/degrees that he has achieved-other than a few summers ago he spent a summer in Malaysia where he ate, slept, and lived taekwondo.    In other words, if I were to end up in a dark alley, I can't really imagine another person that I would prefer as backup.   While Austin is a strong kid with big plans, he is most definitely one of the finest examples of a gentleman I have ever met.  
Before I embarrass him anymore-I am so excited to share images from his senior session!  Congratulations Austin-it was an honor to do your senior pictures! xo-Ms. Nikki