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Hi Everyone,

In case you didn't notice I have been taking a little bit of a break (just little) from editing and posting. Summer has been in full swing at the Guest House and it's my opportunity to spend time with my family.  My kids are still young enough to like having me around at least 1/2 the time (or at least they fake it wonderfully!), so I totally soak it up as much as I can.   Although the blog has been quiet and I have been spending quality time with my family, there have been some major things happening with Nikki Guest Photography.   There will be more announced regarding those "big things" in the next couple of weeks.

So, here we are....summer is winding down and school is about to begin!  Earlier in the summer I shared a photo of our fabulous Class of 2016 Senior Representatives for Nikki Guest Photography. Check out my cover photo on facebook!  Today is the special day that I can share their names and also one or two tidbits about each one.  But wait...that's not all!!!!  Within the next few months, each one of these awesome Seniors will be highlighted on the blog   We will share their future plans along with images that show off their particular interests.  So with that being I want to formally introduce the Class of 2016 Senior Representatives for Nikki Guest Photography.

Meet Allie!  Allie is a Senior at Seven Lakes High School.   She is a Sapphires' Dancer and holds a black belt in Taekwondo. She teaches at Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy .  Hair and makeup Styling by:  Jenelle Pelletier
Meet Rayanna! Rayanna is a Senior at the one and only Katy High School!  Rayanna plays in the high school marching band and is a rider of this gorgeous Arabian horse named, "Traveler" at the Hearthstone Stables.   Hair and makeup by:  Stephanie Larkin
Meet Madison! Madison is a Senior at Seven Lakes High School.   Madison is a proud member of the Future Farmers of America ( FFA) and will be showing either a pig or lamb this year!  Hair and makeup Styling by:  Jenelle Pelletier
Meet our Male Rep for Class of 2016!  Richie is our guy rep this year and next year we will add more...Richie is going to spread the word to the boys on how cool it is to make sure you get your senior pictures done and it's really painless!  If you want to see more male portrait sessions, check out my website...I photograph a LOT of boys for senior pictures and can surely relate to them since I have two boys of my own.
Richie is a Senior at Seven Lakes High School and has been part of their winning football team over the past few years.   Richie is the 3rd senior from his family that I have had the pleasure to capture...I still have 3 more to go!  :-)
Meet Haley! Haley is a Senior at Seven Lakes High School and is involved in graphics design and is part of the yearbook staff at Seven Lakes High School.  Hair and makeup Styling:  Jenelle Pelletier
Meet Sydney! Sydney is a Senior at Tompkins High School.   This will be Tompkins High School's first graduating class and it is sure to be a fabulous year for them!  Sydney is involved in theater and has some incredibly creative ideas for another session we are doing soon. Stay tuned for that!  
Meet Maddie! Maddie is a Senior at Tompkins High School.  Maddie is a member of her yearbook staff and also President and Co-Founder of the Tompkins Best Buddies Club.  In her spare time her real passion is in ballroom dance. I had the pleasure of photographing her last year (check out one of her pics here ).  Hair and makeup styling:  Stephanie Larkin
Meet Abby! Abby is a Senior at Cinco Ranch High School.   Abby is active in the Jazz Band at Cinco Ranch High School and loves gymnastics and sailing!   Hair and makeup styling:  Jenelle Pelletier
Meet Lauren! Lauren is a Senior and a varsity cheerleader and ranked #1 in her class at Deer Park High School.  Although Lauren doesn't live in the area I primarily shoot in...she is my Senior Outreach Representative and will get the word out that my senior sessions are not just limited to West Houston and Katy.  

Each one of these seniors have been chosen to represent Nikki Guest Photography.   All of the young ladies received professional hair and make up by my stylists.  Please note the tag for each young lady to see who styled for each session.   These ladies do an incredible job.   I can't stress enough the importance of having a styled session.  Each detail is discussed, whether it's outfits or location we style the session to each senior's personality.  If you are interested in scheduling a session, please send me an email and ask!  I am booking now and even have a few Class of 2017 seniors that are scheduled!  Do NOT delay.   Fall times are almost completely full.