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Hi Friends,

When we first welcomed summer I hinted that some changes would be headed to my photography business.   It has taken a little time to redesign my business model, tweak and re-tweak some things, but I am so thrilled for what the future holds.  I have rewritten this blog post about 20 times.

With that being said, I am excited to announce I am focusing my efforts on high school seniors and wedding photography.   DON'T PANIC-if you have a scheduled session with me, those are going to be honored; however, as of today I will not be scheduling NEW family sessions.  There are few families each year that I will be photographing as I have committed to those for personal reasons, so don't be surprised if you see those pop up in a news feed.    Like I said, I still have families that already they will be showing up soon!

Many of you saw this coming.   You know how much I love, love, love SENIOR photography!   I have taken my expensive camera underwater, raced a car in the parking lot to get the perfect "smoking tires" shot and was nearly knocked over while waiting for the perfect "ice flying in the air shot" on the hockey rink; but my heart says MORE!!! MORE!!! GIVE ME MORE!  I absolutely love capturing these moments in the lives of seniors.  It's important to capture their personality and not just depend on the formal yearbook image to be the official photo of their youth.  Does that photo really reflect who they are and tell their story?   It's the final chapter before they transition into adulthood and life's hard realities.     Parents often skip over the awkward "tweens" and need to capture their kiddo before they leave the nest.   I want to be the person that does that for you.   Trust me or ask prior clients, the senior experience with Nikki Guest Photography is truly an experience.   From working with a stylist, to your premiere ordering will be a highlight of your senior's year. There will be MAJOR updates coming soon to this page/blog along with an updated magazine to share all the details.  So stay tuned!  In the meantime...I am even booking 2017 don't hesitate if you are a 2016 senior....make your appointment.  I have only a few fall sessions left and a few for spring.

You might be wondering, well...she also said weddings! Of course, I did.   Weddings are awesome and I will continue with those as well.   They are so much fun.  I mean, really?   Capturing two people who are ready to share their life together and want me to document it?  How lucky can I be?
I love capturing weddings and will continue to do so; but due to my family obligations, I will be taking 5 weddings a year.   The small number is for a reason...I need to give you my best.  Besides weddings, I will also be photographing a few teams and charitable organizations, so stay tuned for more news on those.  

In a nutshell, I just want to say THANK YOU!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me into the lives of your families, capturing the moments that make you smile and even sometimes cry.   It has been a pleasure.     Please know that I am so excited for the future and CANNOT wait to share all of what is in store for the upcoming year!   Follow me on instagram @nikkiguest or on twitter @nikkiguestphoto.   With all that being said, way back when I first started...the first two little ones I ever formally photographed just happened to be these two pictured below.    They are the dearest of friends to our two boys and although they live across the pond in Scotland we were blessed to see them this summer.   Of course, an impromptu photo session was a requirement!  I will be sharing more from our time with them and their sweet mom, but I wanted to share a few images of these two since they were part of helping me kick off a successful photography business.    Lastly, if you are looking for a family photographer; I know several photographers that are amazing and would be such a blessing to your family.    If you need those names, please feel free to ask!  I am happy to share.   xo  Nikki

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