Allison|America's Super Teen|Katy Photographer

As promised I am on my second post!   So, as I mentioned a few moments ago, there are 4 teenagers that live across the street from moi.  Allison is one of those teens that we are blessed to have in our lives.  For full disclosure:  Allison is not a senior....I know, I know...but I am only photographing seniors and weddings.   Well, I said I still have a few more clients that had previously scheduled goodness...she is America's Super TEEN!!!   Since this gorgeous gal needed her images before she crowns the new America's Super Teen, I certainly was excited to take on the task.
Allison is seriously the sweetest teen I know....SERIOUSLY!!!   Between her encouraging facebook posts or just her quick hellos that are accompanied with a big hug....we just love you Alli!   It was such a pleasure to capture your sweet personality that accompany your beauty. xo Ms. Nikki