Blake + Heather Engagement Session| Katy Wedding Photographer | Houston Wedding Photographer

Meet Blake and Heather--I am so honored that I will be photographing their wedding in March 2016! I do believe these two are a match made in heaven...I loved watching them laugh together and enjoy each others company.   Blake is definitely a real southern gentleman.     It's always fun to hear what the couple finds that they love each other or simply their road to each other.   How they met, how they fell in love and what plans they have for their future.  

The location of their session has such special meaning.   It takes place on the land that has been in Blake's family for years.  You will see in one of the last photos a shot taken by "Woods Road", this is named after Blake's family.   The funny part is if you saw us on I-10 by the exit for Woods Road on the day of the engagement shoot it was pretty comical.   I may post those later...ha! ha!  It was definitely a first for me!  

The Brazos River runs near and in order to conduct our shoot we were going against the forecast of more rain during the largest flood in Texas history.   Without a doubt, God was merciful and we captured his beauty and this gorgeous couple.    Take a look at their session and you will see the love just shine through.   Congratulations guys!  I cannot wait until we capture your wedding and all the joy of that special day!   A special thanks to Jenelle Williamson for outstanding hair and makeup! 
xo  Nikki