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 I couldn't be more excited to share an updated blog post on one of my favorite seniors.  Each senior has such a special place in my heart.    Every time I am asked the question, "how many pictures will you take during our session" from a potential client, I kind of giggle.   Each one varies.  Each session is tailored to meet your needs and what you want to achieve.   The majority of clients want the full experience.  They want to document this pivotal time in their life and highlight things that were important to them.    Let's face it, it is really the only time you can brag about your achievements before folks will call you a bragger!   I also get the typical, well...we will get a lot of pictures from the school.   Of course you will!   So do I!!!!   However, when you connect with your photographer and they get to know you a little before hand, it can help bring out the true personality in the photo. Making your senior session a senior experience and memory that you are proud to display for years to come.     I am saying all of this before the sharing Austin's pictures because he is such a great example of taking advantage of a senior photo session.  Yes...he got up at the crack of dawn for a sunrise shot of his grandfather's car and yes, he stayed until after sundown to get it in the dark...we scheduled a separate day to do the swimming photos....we just took every bit of advantage of his senior session.   Now, not every senior has to spend this amount of time, he just had a variety of things he was capturing and it was my job to make sure that he had a senior session experience that would be like no other...we would get awesome shots for him!  Hopefully this post help you think outside the box and the typical school photo session and see that senior photos aren't just for girls and more importantly on my part, I do feel they become a labor of love that I have for the art, the kids and the sheer satisfaction I see on their faces when we pulled off what they thought may be impossible!

Now...on to Austin.   The last time I wrote about Austin, he was undecided on his college choice.   However, it is with great joy I can share some of the awesome news that has been given to me courtesy of a proud mama!   Austin has committed to swim for the Presidents at Washington & Jefferson College in Pennsylvania.  This senior has such a bright future ahead.  He is majoring in Political Science with a minor in English and has plans to attend law school after his 4 year commitment to Washington & Jefferson.   Austin is a high honor graduate, youngest inductee into the National Forensic League, 2013 and 2015 District Champion for swimming and is in the top 10% of his class of 1100 (Katy folks can appreciate this accomplishment for sure!!!).   I am so thrilled to present to you Austin's senior session...Austin....I am so excited to watch where life takes you...hopefully you will hire me to photograph  those awesome milestones!