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So it's not a secret among my friends that I am basically one of Julie Paisley's biggest fans. :-) Julie is an amazing photographer that has really taught me how to dig deep into the emotion of what I am photographing. I attended one of her wedding workshops in Austin last spring and was blown away by everything that I learned. I immediately liked her. How can you not like Julie Paisley? I mean, seriously...she is as sweet in person as she is on her blog and everywhere else you see her giving her two cents. :-) She doesn't have the ego that a lot of other well known photographers have and most definitely gets incredibly embarrassed when you mention her top 100 status or celebrity. :-) While Julie's style is very different than mine (she is shoots primarily film), she is very whimsical and dreamy and mine is more bright and rich in color; I still knew that her way with her clients, her business sense, and just general style was something I would be able to draw upon. Fast forward to this spring when I learned she would be holding a click-n-chat in Houston. Yes...one of her biggest fans would surely be able to help her out! Ha! Ha! It would be fantastic to spend time with her and reconnect. So as the stars aligned and so did our schedules, we made it happen and I was able to help out. I was able to help arranged a style shoot that would not only have a Texan twist but a very sentimental value to me and the couple we were photographing.

Meet Bobby and Caroline. They are celebrating their 2 year wedding anniversary in a little over 2 weeks. Bobby and Caroline are friends of our family and I captured their wedding day almost 2 years ago. Oh my-what a wedding!!! I will always remember it...so much fun, so much love, so many special family in attendance to watch these two love birds make a commitment that would be for a lifetime. So, when I knew I would arrange for models in the Houston area I honestly didn't think of Bobby and Caroline b/c they were already married. I was trying to find newly engaged people. As luck would have it though, these two were just what we were looking for...they made the perfect match for our shoot and did NOT disappoint! Here are some of my favorite images from our time together. Caroline and Bobby...congratulations on 2 years of wedded bliss...you certainly wear it well! I need to give a special thanks to Jenelle Williamson who provided hair/makeup and Tiffany Tree for the floral bouquet. Everything was just perfect!
Enjoy! xox