Seven Lakes High School Senior | Lacrosse Senior Photography | Katy Senior Photographer

There is a first time for everything.    In this case it would be my first time to photograph a lacrosse player.   Jacob is such a great kid and was very cautious when I asked him to try and get the ball to sling towards my direction!   We had so much fun on that EXTREMELY sunny day! ha! ha!    Jacob was great about completing his questionnaire...we were able to incorporate so many elements that were important to him.    Whether it was his truck and ehem...or handmade Denver Broncos trailer hitch (should be Texans) his faith and his love for his sport...we made it happen!  Jacob has made a decision to pursue a career in nursing.  I just recently learned that he currently works doing EMT training and just recently SAVED a life by performing CPR!  This kid is amazing!!!  So proud of you Jacob!   Congrats on your graduation and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you!  Enjoy...xo  Nikki