Connor | Class of 2016 | Seven Lakes High School | Katy Senior Photographer

Greetings friends!   I am pleased to present Connor's senior session!  Let me begin this post with the fact that Connor was not thrilled about having a "senior session".   Sorry Connor, not trying to embarrass you, but you are a prime example of why guys should have senior pictures.  Like most gentlemen (and Connor should have his picture in the dictionary next to the word),  I can say that he did what every good southern boy would do and did it for his MOM!  Little did he know that we would have a blast and the time would fly by so quickly that it would NOT entail any pain at all!    I like to think that I gave him a new perspective.    

Connor has such a love for his country and has some amazing opportunities presented to him that most kids would love to have as possible choices.  I can't wait to hear what his final decision will be.  :-)    In the meantime, look at his images and remember....guys need sessions too!!!!  -Nikki