Legacy. One word...so much meaning.

Hello Friends,  Finally a blog post...

I met Niki a little over a year ago when we did her family's photoshoot.   At the time that we met it was quite apparent that we not only shared the name Niki in common but a lot of other things!  We love similar styles, have mutual friends, and have all boys....OH and the biggest thing, she LOVES her family!  :-)  She has a precious family and that is by far her greatest treasure.

One of the sweetest gifts you can give your children is your legacy.   Niki and the rest of her family (Mom, Dad, her sister's family -sis is also a photographer, and Uncle) wished to make sure that they captured a family photo that would include her grandmother.   What a wonderful memory to create for your children and their children.   Niki's grandmother is 95 and lives in a nursing facility.  Creating this image would require just a little coordination, but it was so worth it.

As with most extended family photoshoots, timing is everything.   You have people working, traveling, etc.  Most often the only time it works is when it's the holidays.   I had decided this year that I would not do any photography past the first weekend in December; however, this was different. Knowing this importance of this session to Niki's family, made it important and special for me as well.

The day of the shoot it was the first REAL cold snap of our season here in Texas.  I know some of my friends in the north are laughing, but seriously...it was so cold that Niki's Uncle who was visiting from New York thought it was cold!   This photo session would have to go down in history as the fastest session in my history of shooting!  I believe from start to finish we managed it in 25 minutes...ha!  I was especially impressed because we had some littles and lady that is 95 and couldn't quite understand why we wanted to take pictures in the cold.   Everyone sucked it up and managed to pull off what I think are photos that will be treasured.   Who says you can create a studio in he back of a nursing home! :-)   We made ourselves at home and created memories. :-)   Thanks Siegel family for braving the cold and having fun with me. xox-Nikki