Tiny Dancers and Oh so sweet....

Hello Friends!  It is a rainy day here in Katy...I figured it was time to bring a little sunshine and share these sweet girls and their ballet skills.  I have been saving these images for a while and finally the time has come for me to share them! These sweet girls have been taking a few ballet lessons and did great at showing me some of their graceful moves. :-)   It was fun to watch the two of them with each other and how they loved to make each other smile.    We didn't just stop at doing our first position poses...we also got some timeless images in their beautiful dresses.
The top image could possibly be one of my favorite images of 2014...I just love it.   They are little treasures with a lot of spunk.
It was such a blessing to spend time with these little angels.  Enjoy! -Nikki xo