Hi Friends!   I haven't been blogging much, because honestly, it is a challenge.  ha! ha!  Where does the time go!?   My New Years' resolution will be to get better at this and keep you up to date with families that I have photographed.  So enough of my "blog ambitions" and on to what we are wanting to check out. 

Where do you create most of the memories that you want to remember forever?  Often times when we plan our family's photo shoot, we stress over the backdrop or the location that will reflect our personalities.    Of course, that is important and that's why I spend so much time with my clients to determine what is best suited for them; however, sometimes the best spot is the place where most of your memories are created.   The "in between" moments that we wish we could bottle or remember forever.    Lifestyle photography has always been something that intrigued me and in the past year and half I have explored it a little more deeply.    It creates a precious time capsule of you, your life, your home and most importantly your memories.   When discussing location options with The "U" Family featured on today's blog, it became clear to me that the only location that suited them was the comfort of their home.   Having their family photographed in their home created a sense of comfort and also an opportunity to capture those "in between moments".  
Have you heard the saying, "I wish I was a fly on the wall"?   I can say, that o
often times I feel like I have this little benefit.   In lifestyle photography it is my chance to be a spy and get those special glances or sweet moments.   Never underestimate the skill of a "stealth photographer".   ha! ha!