Fast forward....a time capsule is opened and a memory is recreated.

When my friend, Laney shared with me an idea she had...all I could say was, "when can we do this!?"...I mean, Laney has trusted me with their family photos over the past few years and has let me "borrow" her kids from time to time for some modeling (even some of their friends!) when it was her turn for an idea...I was super excited, especially when it was a fabulous one! ha! ha!   The plan was to do her family photos, but at the end of the shoot we would switch gears and recreate an image that will forever be part of her memory.    So here is the deal...her Mom (ONE OF THE SWEETEST PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET!!!) has this picture of Laney and her two siblings,  Andy and Rachael.   Each of them wearing uniforms from their various activities.   It has been sitting in Laney's mom's home over the years and Laney thought...wouldn't it be fun to recreate this scene with my own 3 children.   It's especially important because the kids are growing up and before too long we wouldn't be able to pull this off.    So, as I have reiterated in my various blog posts and facebook's all about the memories.   It's all about the moments you will want to look back and treasure.   Obviously the fact that Laney remembers a photo from how every many years ago ...shows the importance of capturing the things that are special to you...and displaying them.   Do you print your images or do they stay on the computer?   More on that later....;-)   Until then...enjoy my sweet friend's family and their precious memories...captured.   Enjoy! xo  Nikki