Boy....oh boy!!! The joy of these boys...

As you probably already know, I have two boys.   Anytime I am photographing families with boys, I find myself just clicking with them!  I just "get it".    They love to run, get dirty, act like maniacs and just get the shoot done!  ha! ha!  

I have been photographing this sweet family for almost 4 years.  I remember when Rebecca was pregnant with her youngest!  They have trusted me since the beginning and I am so incredibly grateful.    Her family is so precious and my goodness...those boys are just a blast!   Key phrases that were used to get the youngest to totally perk up-do you see Darth Vader in my lens?  Yes, worked like a charm...but of course, he figured out that there was no such thing and yet, I think he still likes me!   

So, although you will not see Darth Vader in these images, you are going to have the adorable meter sky rocket as their photo session was just perfection.    Thanks McGaw family for your years of faith in me.   Love, Nikki xo