This is it...Hello, I am new here...

Well, leave it to my sweet husband to get the party started.  I was kind of holding back until I had some finishing touches complete, but what the heck...I am here and so are you!  Thanks Emory, you helped me take the leap!   There are a couple of links that are still being "updated"; however, the family session link will be up and running today!

So let me get a few things straight from the start...I do not claim to be skilled at creative writing, nor will I ever attempt to be; however, I do hope that I can bring a little bit of spark to my work by sharing stories behind the images I love so much...

On my blog you will find all sorts of fun information.  As I take on this "blogging" journey, please be patient with me.  I promise that as I update links or add information, you guys will be the first to know!

So....on to more important things!!!   <3
If you have been following facebook at all, perhaps you know about my family's recent visit to New York.   This was not a planned vacation.   I mean, seriously, who takes their kids out of school for 3 days only 3 weeks into the school year!?   However, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity!  Thist was a special time to celebrate friendship between two best friends.   Jake and Sydney, my two buddies!   The shortest version of the story goes like this:  I had taken their prom pictures (which that in itself is a story....God knew what I needed that day. :-)) and happened to capture an image that caught the eye of The Nat'l Down Syndrome Society.   Jake and Sydney's image was selected to be displayed in  a slideshow, on a JUMBOTRON in New York City's Time Square!   Receiving the letter that shared this fantastic news was unbelievable. It literally only took me about 5 minutes to decide that we would be heading to New York...and then to learn that the kids, their families and my family would also be joining was a MAJOR bonus!    Let me say this, when we told our son's teachers about this fabulous opportunity, they could not have been anymore supportive!  We were so blessed with their joy for them to share this exciting moment with me, Jake and Sydney and our families.   Little did I know, my oldest son would become seriously sick the days leading up to the trip.   However, we rolled with the punches, had faith and made our way to NYC. it goes...the images that we have all been waiting for...let the story begin and never end.   I am so proud of Jake and Sydney!  Here are just a few of my favorite images that sum up our time together.   I feel so honored to be your personal paparrazi!

Sydney and Jake had family travel from all over to join the walk!  Sydney's grandmother even flew from Canada!
I believe Jakes' family alone had 20 folks!!! I found myself smiling so much.  Each time I would start to take Jake and Sydney's picture, they would find themselves in the same pose they were in that made them famous!  

My additional shock was the fact that I had my family and friends to join and support as well!  My Grandmother who is 85 and hasn't been on a plane in almost 20 years, along with my Mom who suffers from chronic arthritis and never travels surprised me and join us on this journey!   We were also joined by my sister in law, her boyfriend (also traveled from Texas) , my son's former kindergarten teacher and her husband hat now live in NYC and our niece that also lives in the city!   I can't begin to tell you the joy it was to share these moments with people I care so much about!     Below you will see some personal photos from our time in NYC!   We managed to see as much as possible during our stay and left wanting more!    Enjoy and stay tuned....more blogging to come!  I have a lot to catch up on!