Marghalai (Michelle) and Mudjtuba (Mudj)-Engagement

Ironic?  I think not!  As I began to type this blog, the song started playing, "A Thousand Years" was perfect timing.  The number one reason, well,  I have known Marghalai ( I call her "Michelle") for quite some time.  Michelle started working for my husband as his assistant when she was just starting college.  Michelle was one in a million.  Precious, beautiful, and sweetest soul.    I probably had a little connection because we share the same birthday (11/2).   :-)  As life would have it, she would end up achieving her goal to receive her accounting degree and onto get her masters...and so on and so on...the girl is amazing!     She has been a babysitter for us, a friend, and employee...we have watched her grow up right before us!    We consider her a part of our family.  

Now...on to Mudj...Emory (my hubby) has been waiting for the day to meet this man that caught the eye of this sweet soul.    He felt a sense of protectiveness towards her, yet all along knew that she would make the right choice.   I had met Mudj when Michelle had me do her graduation pictures, they had perfect chemistry and was a perfect complement to her personality.    Emory had to just rely on my word...until.....

Michelle and Mudj made it official and became engaged in September.   To say we were a little excited would be an understatement!  We couldn't be happier for this sweet couple.   When we received our invitation to attend their engagement party...we were over the moon!     When Michelle asked me to do a few pictures for them before the party and a family photo during the party, that was an EASY YES! 

I mean...I feel like I have been waiting a THOUSAND to hear this exciting news!  I am so proud of these two and I know that when we prepare for the engagement session and wedding it will be INCREDIBLE!!!  

On another note, Anderson and Cole loved the Afghan food!   We had so much fun and felt so welcome!  You have beautiful friends and family...we were honored to share the night with you both!  -Much love to you pick a DATE!  lol
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