Well, hello there Class of 2020!!!! Yikes! I cannot believe that we are already celebrating an entire new Class of Seniors; much less the Class of 2020! My original goal was to have this post ready for you last week…but unfortunately someone hacked my instagram account and I have been trying to figure out how to get it back. Since Instagram hasn’t responded, I had to create a new Instagram account. I upgraded security and can now be found @NikkiGuestPhotography . As I am going through this transition it is my hope to get my original one back. I just don’t want to waste more time waiting! Well, that is enough of that nonsense! Let’s get on to the juicy stuff!!!

It seems perfect to kick off Class of 2020 with a senior that I have wanted to capture for 2 years!!! Meet Olivia! Olivia caught my attention for a variety of reasons; here are just a few, she is committed, driven and has a heart that is never too full to invite you in. I love how Olivia sets her goals high and regardless of the outcome will always take the higher road and not give up.

A few important things to know about this Seven Lakes High School beauty include that she is President of Seven Lakes High School Class of 2020’s Spirit Club, she is Captain of Seven Lakes High School Dance Team (Sapphires) and member of National Spanish Honor Society and National Honor Society and MORE! She is a leader and counselor at her church’s 7th grade Bible Study. Olivia has committed herself to helping others achieve success and definitely leads by example. Olivia is part of my first Ambassador Team. If you look in the dropdown menu you can learn more about the Ambassador Program by checking out the section called 20/20. The upcoming year will present some new opportunities for Nikki Guest Photography and Olivia was chosen to help kick it off! Stay tuned because before long I will be looking for Class of 2021 Ambassadors. This is NOT a model program. So, please keep that in mind….it is truly about helping others and empowering other young ladies to face challenges and successes together!

I don’t want to digress too much on new ideas when my immediate goal is to highlight OLIVIA!! Olivia is from Colorado and her love for her home state definitely played a large part in her decision to hold her Senior Session as a “Destination Session” in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Knowing that we would be encountering such beauty as our backdrop was such a dream. Having Olivia in an atmosphere where she feels so comfortable also ignited the confidence I love so much about her!

Olivia managed to leap and do dance moves on a dirt road, on a mountain top and narrow bridge…she was in pain at one point but still managed to smile! I was in pain! ha! ha! Just from getting low and getting the shot; but we both persevered and it was so worth it!

We spent two days capturing fun spots and creating memories that we will never forget. Ashley (best hair and makeup artist EVER) joined us and definitely overcame every fear she had about wild animals. She hiked and managed to pull of some serious rock climbing in order to hold a reflector just perfect. Olivia managed to stand amongst a swarm of bees and even spoke to them as her friends…which I think is the reason she didn’t get stung! It was scary at the moment; but I think Olivia would also say it was worth it! We managed to see a bear, a snake (never have encountered one on a photo shoot in Texas, but Colorado decided to show off!), a moose…but that was all part of the incredible memory. We laughed so much and also shared a tear or two….there were moments when the sun would hit just right and the leap that Olivia would do just exuded a sense of majestic peace.

Thank you Olivia for sharing your heaven on earth with me and Ashley! Thank you for trusting us with this forever memory. You and your family have a special place in our hearts and we are grateful for our time with you guys!

Without further ado…here are some of my favorites from this session! There are so many more…but I am going to keep you in suspense for a reason! Make sure you look at the bottom to see some of our behind the scene images! It was so much fun!!

xo Nikki