Well, hello everyone! I have been anxiously waiting to share this particular blog post. This is my first official senior blog post on the new website. There is so much to share…so much heart and soul that I really want to pour into this sweet senior’s post that I truly do not have a clue where to begin.

Imagine it is the first few weeks of your senior year of high school, you are off to a great start. Summer nights are still nice and warm, friends are still hanging out as usual and life is definitely good. Your family is still on a natural high from all the summer adventure, renewing the tight bond that you share with each other. There would be fun trips, mission trips and as usual TONS of activity. You are anxious to have your senior session in just a few short days. You and your Mom have just started putting outfits together. Oh…and you are about to take a major exam that is to help secure a spot at your #1 pick for colleges. Things are rolling in full swing and then suddenly, the fun chaos of life freezes. You know, that moment, when everyone around you is in full motion and then suddenly your world is frozen? That moment would turn into what seemed like a lifetime for my sweet senior spokesmodel Avery.

Avery is a joyful, caring, incredibly funny soul that just exudes a down to earth beauty. It is impossible to meet Avery and not just immediately want to know more. She has a twinkle in her eye and faith that doesn’t waiver. Even in the darkest of times and knowing she was tested, Avery remained strong. Avery’s younger brother, Cooper Potts had recently turned 16 when his life would be cut short. Cooper was enjoying a wonderful time with friends when he was killed in an ATV accident. That day would forever change Avery and her family. No one could predict that such a tremendously painful loss would prompt a movement not just in our own Katy community but around the world. Students, friends, family and strangers came together to remember Cooper. Their efforts would exceed any expectation and funds were raised in Cooper’s memory that will now support a school in Cambodia.

Avery demonstrated such grace and strength during a time when her world appeared to be crumbling. Her strength has been such a testimony to how she lives. I have heard so many wonderful stories about the relationship with Avery and her brothers. They are tight and cherish each other. Cooper lived a life of JOY, always on the move, always showing love and giving to others. You couldn’t help but want to know this amazing human or just be more like him. The hashtag, #livelifelikecoop became such a powerful statement that we all share the sentiment. In the final notes of Coop’s obituary the family shared the statement, “We grieve with hope.” What an incredible perspective. The faith Avery and her family have is mind blowing to me and certainly honest. By all means they have their down moments. However, they have reassurance that one day they will see Coop again and until then they #grievewithhope.

Avery is currently experiencing all the fun moments that seniors get to enjoy! She plays volleyball and is a member of NCL’s Star Chapter, leads worship at Faith West Academy and is active in her church missions. This super fun young lady does indeed have “Senioritis”! I know the struggle is real for her and and she has every right to feel that way! I mean, that test she had to take(mentioned at the beginning of this blog post)…well, she did awesome and is now an official Baylor Bear! Baylor is going to be so blessed to have Avery!

Avery’s early September session was rescheduled several times. The first one was for obvious reasons and then the 2 other times we had RAIN! Rain and more rain! I remember telling Avery and her mom that anytime that happens, it means when the session rolls around it will be epic! On the day of Avery’s session, the sun did NOT disappoint. There wasn’t a drop of rain and we were having a blast! There was so much laughter and a lot of silliness! About half way through the session, out of the blue …. with not a cloud in the sky, a rainbow appeared! It was the most perfect rainbow. I cannot help but feel like that was a little reassurance from Cooper to keep enjoying life and be happy! Of course, we had to capture that moment!….Scroll thru all the shots and to the bottom-then you will see Avery and the rainbow!

Avery, sweet girl, I am beyond blessed to know you. Having you as a spokesmodel is a gift from God; but your friendship is one I will treasure forever. God has so many amazing plans for you and without a doubt it will be an honor to watch you succeed in life. I consider it an honor and privilege to have captured your senior portraits.