Hello and Happy Saturday Friends!

If you think it has been a while since a blog post, well, then you are right and you are in the right spot to get caught up! Between now and next week you will be inundated with blog posts. I am finishing up some galleries that are ready to be delivered but the senior blogs will be posted here FIRST!

There will also be some fun announcements and probably a little clarification as to why I have been a little less active on social media. All is good and you can expect some content that is “swoon worthy”. I cannot wait to dig even deeper into 2020 along with getting plans in place for 2021 and 2022!!! Yes, I said, 2022!!!

Today’s blog post is so extra special. It is also bittersweet. First, let me say, Julia Grace has been in my life since she was in 4th grade. This little “spitfire” is everything one could hope for in a daughter. Although she is not my daughter, if I had a checklist with various descriptions on what my ideal daughter would be like; well, her picture would show up in the pop up box! She would be waving back with a little wink, sweet sugary smile and then bam, some snarky fun remark! ha! ha!

To truly appreciate our location, you must read a little back story! Having that little nugget of info, let’s deep into Julia Grace’s senior session that was planned forever ago. One would be guessing correctly if you knew we started planning JG’s destination session since her sister’s destination session a couple of years ago. I mean, planning can never be too early. That being said, Julia Grace always knew she wanted the look of country/desert with some bohemian/western style to polish the wardrobe. The wardrobe was chosen and the destination Julia Grace chose was Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Wyoming was going to provide the perfect backdrop and we couldn’t have been more excited! Our timeline…end of September. Twenty Four hours prior to the scheduled flight, well, the forecast predicts a massive snow storm! YES! At the end of September!!! We literally started looking for locations close to Jackson Hole and everywhere, even dropping south towards Utah was going to be snowed in! Little did I know that sometimes, the best laid plans are not what was meant to be! Often times when planning a session we will get so wrapped up in planning that we forget to just take a deep breath and remember, that at the end of the day it will all work out and it is better to be able to switch on a dime—it is in those moments that you can achieve the most candid moments and the have fun with your happenstance! Julia Grace was so calm when she could have been a ball of nerves. She trusted me and knew that regardless of our location, she was going to get the look she wanted so badly. It just might be in a different location.

So, after some digging….Julia Grace said, “How about Boise, Idaho”. Now, I will be honest, that was not at all what I expected her to say! ha! ha! Although, a few years ago when I did weddings I did shoot one in Boise, Idaho. I remembered the eclectic artsy town and also the beautiful mountains. I knew, this could have everything we wanted an some extra. Although Jackson Hole would have some quaint country features, we would never have that added “artsy” flair that Boise offered. So, with 3 hours prior to the stores closing, I drove into Houston and grabbed a few “city” items and we added a “city flair” to her session. Ashley (hair and makeup extraordinaire) also joined us and brought some of her cute items. Game on!!!! We (me, JG, Ashley and Laney (JG’s mom) were ready to take on what could have easily had us in freakout mode!

Our next objective…figure out locations. This is when a great network of senior photographers comes in handy! I belong to a variety of high school senior photography social media groups and reached out to a fellow senior photographer in Boise. Rachel Zenor Photography was beyond gracious and helped steer me in the right direction. Check her out if you are in Boise and need a photographer as she is AHHHHMAZING!!!!

The weather could not have been more perfect! We explored and found beautiful locations! This place was a gift from above! There truly was never a dull moment…we laughed so hard so many times and honestly it is exactly what we all needed. A stressful time turned into one of the best memories of our lives.

A little bit about my girl, Julia Grace. I mean, first she is beautiful! Plus, she is funny, she is wise beyond her years…this beauty is full of grace but can shoot a buck from a mile a way if given the challenge! Tough is still pretty….and she meets that definition head on! Julia Grace is a brilliant student, cheerleader, a member of National Honor Society, member of the FFA and has major plans for her future. She is still working on college decisions; but she plans to become a Physician’s Assistant.

Julia Grace-wow….where do I even begin! I am just so proud of you and the young lady have become! You are amazing and any school is going to count their lucky stars to have you! I without a doubt will be cheering you on the entire way …watching you “do life” is fun and honestly has taught me so much! I love you sweet girl! Thank you for always being ready to roll on a session and trusting me…oh and for pretty much being up for whatever crazy idea I have! -I love you!