Hello Everyone!

Can you believe it is already OCTOBER!? In Texas it feels like it is August! First of all, please accept my sincere apologies for not blogging and sharing images on FB and Instagram. Unfortunately my instagram account under (@nikkiguest) was hacked. I contacted Instagram and Facebook and have yet to get a reply that is something other than the standard “auto-response”. That being said, I have an entirely new instagram account (@nikkiguestphotography). Please go ahead and follow me so you can stay up to date on what all is headed to The NGP Experience! I haven’t necessarily given up on my old one, because I really want my name back…but I cannot wait forever. Is it impossible to think that once they figure out how frustrating the entire process is, that perhaps they would merge the accounts? Who knows, maybe squeak the wheel enough that someone will actually listen!

Class of 2020 has started off with a bang! The first 3 sessions consisting of DESTINATION SESSIONS!!! Did you know that a destination session doesn’t have to be “exotic” ? It can be something as simple as traveling to your family’s land. When your family has property that you treasure and you want to document your love for it, let’s ROAD TRIP!!! Yes-a little road trip never hurt anyone and after you take a peek at Arianna’s sesion you will see why!

Arianna has enjoyed visiting her family’s land for years. She has a love for animals and also participates in the FFA program at Tompkins High School. Little did I know (no pun intended) that she also loves to visit the family land b/c of a certain handsome fella named, “Friday”. “Friday” is a miniature horse! Yes, you heard that correctly! “Friday” adores Arianna and Arianna adores “Friday”. It is definitely a special bond! Of course, capturing the sweetest moments between them was priceless.

We took a ride on the ATV and checked out all the spots and found so much beauty. So many perfect settings to capture this beautiful senior. Exploring with her, her mom and Ashley was so much fun!

Along with capturing Arianna in her element with “Friday”…we also spent time near the barn and other locations around the house. I mean, seriously, a perfect RED barn ….!? A photographer’s dream come true!

In addition to the time at the family property, we also spent some time at our local swimming pool.

The light that day was so superb and the images that came from the session were stunning!! Arianna swims the breast stroke for Tompkins and could likely be recruited for college.

Aside from being in the pool at 6 am each day, helping with FFA by raising animals, etc….and her typical homework duties, she honestly should be wiped out…ha! ha! I digress…she still continues to volunteer time with NCL. This young lady is fierce, dedicated and not afraid to hustle! I love it! She will definitely be a leader one day!

Thanks Rosario Family for blessing me with your friendship and trusting me to capture your daughter and her a place so special to her. It was special to me too! xo -Nikki