Hello Friends,

This week is getting off to a great start!! The sun is beginning to shine in Katy and so we are back to having more and more sessions!

Today I would like for you to meet Abby! Abby is a super talented senior at Taylor High School! Abby has qualified for the national thespian festival vocal competition twice in a row, mustang spirit award for math and theatre, and campfire lighter/swimmer of the day at Camp Longhorn, just to name a few. She is also an inducted member of Thespian Troupe 311. Abby’s love of acting is so perfect for her! I mean, this girl can flip a switch in a heartbeat…she can be serious one second and the next she is laughing hysterically on command! It is so funny to me because is definitely a bundle of energy and when she switches to the straight face she is full on rockin’ the look for sure-even though it is soooo NOT her! ha! ha! So obviously, to me, her desire to pursue theater past her high school years makes perfect sense.

We had an incredible session! Abby can easily be a doppleganger for Amy Adams (Night at the Museum-Amelia Earhart). Just imagine more strawberry blonde and hair that is shorter. I found that the more that Abby talked the more candid she became in her expressions and the smiles were just overflowing! We laughed so much and she appreciated my little sneaky maneuvers to get some “artsy” shots.

The session would not be complete without having the local mini pomeranian make an appearance! Of course when Abby saw her, well, you will see…it was a match made in heaven so we had to add the pic! Not to worry, the owner of the pomeranian was standing and keeping a close eye on his sweet little furry friend.

As I mentioned, Abby has a big love for theatrical performances and that love will also continue to grow as she pursues musical theater in college. She is still narrowing down colleges, but Texas Tech seems to be on her short list!

We are still planning a “senior spotlight shoot “ so we can showcase images captured of Abby paying tribute to her love of theater and music! Stay tuned, because we have some incredible ideas to mark these memories! In the meantime, enjoy Abby being ABBY!!!!

xo Nikki