Hello Everyone!

I know, I know…it has been quite some time. There has been so much happening behind the scenes that I do not know where to begin. Let’s just say, that timing is everything when you are left with writing your thoughts for all to see. I had to make sure that my mind was back in it’s “perky” place and could share a fun session without having a moment of guilt for feeling happy. You see, one of my senior models, lost her younger brother in a tragic accident. He was only 16 and went to school with my son and his mom is a very dear friend. The loss of someone so young is so hard to fathom and it is hard to not just stay in a “fog” of sorts trying to figure it out. The fact is, some of life’s events are not meant for us to figure out. The young man that passed away lived life to his absolute fullest. (#livelifelikecoop) I mean, I haven’t accomplished 1/2 the bucket list items he had accomplished and he did it all with such enthusiasm and passion for life. Considering those qualities and how he would want us all to keep moving and keep living, today seems like the perfect day to share a session that does truly make me happy. I do believe that Elena demonstrates such a will to live each day to its’ fullest and certainly knows how to overcome circumstances.

Elena is a senior at St. John XXIII College Preparatory and without a doubt does not let the world sit and pass her by. She overcame what would be one of her biggest obstacles to date. Elena overcame being paralyzed on the left side of her body three years ago where she had to give up almost everything she loves to do, to working very hard to be able to play her oboe and volleyball again.  The process took a long time, including a trip to Mayo Clinic in MN. Through the process she certainly learned so much about herself. She discovered a love for travel- through Girl Scouts but without anyone in her family or troop - to Costa Rica, Mongolia, and Iceland.  Next year she’ll be going to Ireland and Scotland.  These trips all entail hiking and kayaking and horseback riding...all the things she thought she’d never be able to do when she was paralyzed.  

Elena is on the volleyball team, band and has been awarded various academic awards. She enjoys reading and listening to music. Elena loves to change her hair color each summer and it just so happened this year it would be PURPLE!! It was so cool that her mom wanted to capture that side of her since it truly is part of who she is an the statement she makes to those that meet her!

Elena has plans to attend either Stephen F. Austin State University or Southwestern where she will major in English/Journalism.

So without further ado….enjoy going through the images we created by having fun and Elena just being herself!!! We had so much fun! xo-Nikki