Hello Everyone!

I cannot believe we are in week 2 of school and today would be the day 2 blog posts happen!   I am on a roll and am kind of proud of myself! ha! ha! 

Tonight I am going to introduce you to Claire!  Claire is a Class of 2019 Senior from Episcopal High School in Bellaire (Houston 'burb).  Ahhh...Claire!  This girl has the most gorgeous tan!  I swear the timing of her session was perfection!  

She was kind of enough to let me add some fun (subtle) props to the session and wahlah...everything just tied together perfectly.    There was one "prop" that we had to incorporate and only she would be able to do it!   Her grandfather's watch.   Done.  I didn't even need to ask questions.   I often do not have ladies wear watches (another blog for another day), but obviously the watch of a young lady's grandfather has significance to her and there is no way I would eliminate it.   My brain went crazy and I thought of sentimental ways to add it, but then I also considered Claire and her personality.    She "oozes" fun and so did her outfits, she adored her grandfather, so obviously they must have similar personalities or likes.  I am just going based on my gut, so we add it into our "fun" outside the box portion of the session.   It could not have been more perfect.   I have a feeling we made her grandpa quite proud. 

A little about Claire, she was referred to me by a Class of 2020 VIP reservation!!!!  Yes, ma'am or sir...2020 is booking!!  Email me for details!   Anyhow, as I said, Claire attends Episcopal High School and is involved in the school's dance and chapel program.  This girl stays busy and for a moment I caught her reading a book while Ashley (Best Hair and Makeup artist on the planet) was getting Claire all fancy.   I thought, wow, that is dedication...I don't even have that now! ha! ha! 

Obviously Claire is dedicated or she wouldn't have been a member of Duke Tip Program.   Her dedication and success during her high school years has her aiming for acceptance into Duke University.  She will be applying to several, I just remember that one being the one that stood out the most. :-)  It hit home with me since my husband's Dad attended Duke for his undergrad.  Claire is a smart young woman and has her goal set to do a double major with Global Health and Political Science as a major.   She plans to attend medical school...and honestly could probably bring about world peace with that kind of resume!   

When asked on her questionnaire for a favorite quote or scripture, her answer resonated with me in a way like no other quote has....take a moment and read it, read it again and again....we all need a little hope!   "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, that sings the tune without the words and never stops at all." - Emily Dickinson

And so Class of 2019 senior portraits begin....introducing Claire!  Enjoy! xo  Nikki