Happy Wednesday! 

Wow!  Summer is over (or at least as it relates to school)!  It is still over 100 degrees here...and so what better way to either reincarnate our "summer vibes" than to feel the breeze of the sea and enjoy the light of the moon.   

Today's senior spotlight session is Kaelin, a senior at Seven Lakes High School.   Kaelin is on the Sapphires Dance team and is also a proud member of the Nikki Guest Senior Spokesmodel Team.  Please note (because I get emails after mentioning it on  here), that Class of 2019 senior spokesmodels have already been chosen;  Class of 2020 is going to have a little before requesting the application, stay tuned for a major announcement on or around October 1.  

Back to Kaelin--Kaelin is just the epitome of grace.   Each time I photograph a senior we always do some serious faces.  Some moms/ seniors love it and some moms hate it, but seniors love it...and then sometimes they both hate it! ha! ha!   It just depends.  Kaelin is one of those young ladies that I just really love her smile.  Having her do anything thing other than that just didn't seem right....but then insert "soft smile"...and dang!  Woooooaaah Nelly !  Yeah, that is a southern phrase and I am southern....she nailed it!   

Kaelin's upcoming senior session is going to be a big surprise....we will be doing something that is a first for me....insert teaser mode here!   I am beyond excited and will be so eager to share! 

Enjoy today's spotlight session and just embrace the beauty of this breathtaking beach dance session.   Let Kaelin take you back to the summer breeze and remember to take a moment to BREATHE and appreciate all of our blessings!  xo  -Nikki