Hello!  The school year has started in Katy ISD and it is definitely in full gear!  Sessions seem to be booking faster than ever before!  There are so many exciting things to look forward to this year and one of them is my "Senior Spotlight Sessions".   I have referred to them a few times in blog posts but haven't really explained them much.   

Last year I found myself trying to squeeze in too much into a session.   We would attempt to conquer swimming, track, horseback riding, etc all into the day of a senior session.   Our senior sessions are not on a "timeclock".   Everything that is captured is done with careful intention.  Since so much of what I share with you all is about the "experience" and making it special (for boys and girls) it is important to note that the time placed on the experience is not going to be disrupted even a little.   If anything, my new senior spotlight sessions will allow more time.  Why?  Because we take the "special interest" part of the senior experience and do it on a separate day entirely.   These would be considered "micro mini sessions"...ha! ha!  Because they are not priced the same as a Mini Session, they are a little less in price because you are also having a full senior session with yours truly.    I offer these sessions to my athletes (in particular swimmers) that need to have a little extra time for showcasing their talents.   Swimming requires a little extra time, changing and prepping for the pool....hairstyle changes, etc.   If you are a senior this year that is doing swim but is not doing one of these sessions, please do not worry....we will make it work.    This is really intended for future sessions.   If you want to go ahead and schedule one, let's get it on the calendar!  As I mentioned above the booking of sessions is in full gear and senior sessions will likely be full before too long.  I am also booking Class of 2020 RIGHT NOW and 2021 (my son is 2021, so many know I will likely not be taking a full load and want to make sure they are on my VIP list).  

Enough of that "extra extra"....let's chat about this absolutely stunning swimmer Claudia!!!  I have had Claudia on my radar for about 3 years since doing her sister's session!   Her sister showcased her love of music and Claudia told me she would be sharing her love for swimming.    Fast forward to current era and Claudia has proudly committed to swim for The University of Houston!!!!!  What an amazing accomplishment!   This incredible young lady certainly showed us her talent at the First Colony pool (she swims with their cometitive swim club).   Her main talent lies in the backstroke and so we did our best to capture it....of course it wouldn't be a true swim session if we didn't share all the other favorites also!  

This senior spotlight session was a little more extensive than others.   We did want to really spend time on each element of her swimming as this is something that she will be sharing with the world while in college and who knows....could the Olympics be in her future???? We shall see...

In the meantime check out her session and watch this young lady swim her way to an incredible session!  I cannot wait until the Fall and we do her senior portraits!  She is such a fun young lady to capture! 

Happy Monday!  xo  Nikki

p.s.  2 more swim sessions being shared over the next 2 weeks...stay tuned!