Texas Christian University | Class of 2018 | College Senior Photographer

Hello Everyone! 

In just a few days I will be on VACAY!!!  Woohooo!!!   Normally summer is rather slow for me, but not this one.  I have done my best to keep up with the kids activities, catch up with friends and family that get a little neglected in the Spring.   I even managed a couple of family emergencies and still ran a business!  I will not lie...there is a feeling of "boss babe" hitting me now and I am so happy to wear the crown! ha! ha!  

I couldn't be more excited to share today's blog post!  This one is LONG overdue!  Sometimes I am asked what we do in the event of weather or equipment issues, etc.   First of all, we take a deep breath and remember, a guarantee is a guarantee!  No matter what the circumstance, we will make the session happen, even if it occurs over a course of a few days or months even!    Rarely does this occur (well, last year weather was my worst nightmare -a.k.a. Harvey and Snow on 2 different occasions, which NEVER happens!) but it does happen on occasion and that is why I allow backup dates for sessions.    This year, was a new year for me in that college senior sessions have become more common.   It is so exciting to offer these sessions because not only does it cap off your time at college but it also shows off the next stage in your journey and this time as a truly legit adult! Ha! Ha!  There is a little more freedom with these sessions and so the possibilities are endless! 

Four years ago, I didn't offer nearly what I offer now.   Hair and makeup was not something we did and the " Senior Experience" had not become my niche'.  I was still photographing families and really anything that moved!   Fast forward to 2017 and 2018, plus a few college graduates that want to capitalize making up for not having it the first time around, add  their university as a backdrop and boom...you have a "Collegiate Senior Experience" that includes mine and Ashley's travel to YOUR UNIVERSITY for a session like no other!   

That little bit of information leads me directly to today's blog post!  Meet Lindsay Shabet!  Lindsay's senior session took place in 2014.   Her session was epic even in the year that we didn't really have all the "extra".  Lindsay attended Seven Lakes High School and achieved the titled of State Champion for her swimming skills (breast stroke)!   There was no doubt that we would be highlighting her abilities; thus in the pool we went!  Lindsay, along with 3 others made my afternoon a blast and we captured some incredible photos.   All of the swimmers were so talented and on a side note, 2 of them are even set to get married in a few months!  Lindsay's swimming abilities directed her path to obtain a swimming scholarship and attend Texas Christian University; however, she never let swimming define her as a young woman, it only made her stronger, determined and confident in how her future would play out.  Although swimming made a mark in her history, this amazing young woman has graduated TCU and plans to attend graduate school at Oklahoma University with the ultimate goal being a Master's in Speech Pathology at the Oklahoma University Science Center.  

While planning Lindsay's session we endured the probability that it would pour down rain.  We literally were planning up until the night before departure to Fort Worth.   To say we weathered the storm is soooo true!  We timed everything around the storm and went on faith!  Thank God we did, because we had the most beautiful sunny afternoon for her session. 

I cannot begin to tell you how much fun we had!  Our only issue ended up being a problem with one of my lenses.   However, we managed to use the pool at TCU for all of the above water shots and only had to do a "redo" for the underwater" which really boiled down to a few.    As I said, "where there is a will there is a way"...and we made it happen!     We carried equipment thru pouring rain, popped champagne on the steps of the main building and she even kissed a frog!  This session was fantastic from start to finish!   

Congratulations Lindsay on your recent college graduation and the amazing new opportunities headed your way!  I couldn't be more proud!  As tradition has it....we are up for another Times Square Jumbotron Display....so who knows, send a tweet and let's see what happens!!  Thank you so much to The Shabet Family, you guys have such a special place in my heart and always will. So proud of you Lindsay and l have no doubt your future is going to be bright; because you are a blessing to all that meet you!  xo  Nikki