Happy Friday!  

It has been one heck of a week!  Announcing my Class of 2019 model team was so much fun and it couldn't be more perfect with the Astros winning!!!   Of course there are tons of puns I could use; but I definitely feel like I hit a home run with this years' team! 

Speaking of sports and speaking of hitting a home run...let's me introduce Vaughan to you guys! Vaughan is a Class of 2018 senior that graduated from Houston Christian Academy.   Although he didn't play baseball (so my pun didn't get me far with his sports life! ha! ha!),I do feel like I hit a home run by getting the chance to photographer this handsome young man.   Seriously, the ginger hair, the blue eyes and just a good sport (he had to deal with a little "extra non sense since his mom and I haven't had a chance to catch up in a looooooong time! ha! ha!).  Vaughan nailed it when planning for his session.    With a mix of "business casual",  then his sweats and hoodie (honestly he is lucky he went home with them in his duffle bag -they looked so comfortable) and then something he may wear on a casual night out.    Each item pressed and ready to go!   Oh and how can we forget we had to throw in what would be his future for the next 4 years....Lacrosse!   Yes!   More on that later.   This young man just rocked his style and kept it fun!  

Location, location, location.  Without giving away my secret spots (ha! ha!---they are sooo public!)...every shot is taken within 2 street corners!   One across from the other!  That is correct.  Sometimes magic can happen only a few feet away from one spot to another.   With guy sessions this is so important.  Sometimes I may only have their undivided attention for a millisecond, so I try my best to keep it easy breezy.   I believe Vaughan would agree that he had fun!   Even when we had him just goof off acting like he was going to jump a fence! ha! ha! 

Now, on to this handsome fella!  Vaughan's final location was not within the 2 corners, it was on the lacrosse field.  Our time was limited as their was a game happening that day and so accessing the locker room, etc.  So we made it work.  Dealing with crazy wind and a potential storm we pulled off just enough shots to make his album complete.    

Vaughan was the lacrosse MVP and football MVP.   He is also headed to Florida Southern University where he will major in Finance.   On his questionnaire he shared that his most favorite high school memory he says, "we came back from being down 3 touchdowns starting the second half."   When asked what kind of theme he wanted for his session, he said..."midnight"...ha! ha!   I love it when guys have a sense of humor...I cracked up laughing!  I have actually done some cool late night sessions so we could play with lighting, so I do them; but it just seemed so matter of fact the way he answered!    You got to love these boys!   

Vaughan, it was a pleasure capturing this time in your life!   I had so much fun and thank you so much for dealing with all of my craziness!  It is all part of having a good time and getting those candid smiles from my shy the end of the session, everyone is laughing like old friends! 

Best wishes on your journey to Florida Southern!  They are blessed to have you! xo  Nikki