Here we are in the great state of Texas celebrating Fourth of July!  Celebrating our country's freedom and honoring all the men and women that died so we can have celebrations such as today.   

Across the photography world we will see a number of red white and blue photos.  I LOVE THEM!  Each year there are a number of senior photographers that honor the holiday by styling their senior model team with the signature Americana colors and it always is a big hit!  

This year, I decided what better way to introduce my Class of 2019 model team than adding a little twist to an American staple.  I mean, one of the most famous sayings is, "that is as American as apple pie and baseball".   Considering it is July 4th and this is when I typically do my formal introductions of my model team and Houston just "earned history" with their first World Series Win, makes perfect sense that we would celebrate with a little Astros themed model team session!   I mean, #skeez-181 made headlines in Houston by creating an amazing mural honoring our home team and it definitely served as a perfect backdrop for my model team.   

A few things to understand about this session.  Due to the size of this year's model team, we did the session on 3 different days.   We also didn't limit the session to only doing "Astros".   Talk about a team effort!   Ha! Ha!  This took some real coordination between parents and my amazing hair and makeup artist, Ashley Carlton.   In between themes, the seniors came back to the studio to switch gears and get glammed for another theme.   Although a popular theme, it is always stunning, so stay tuned...I will not announce that one until late next week.   

One other funny tidbit, the location of the mural is in a mini strip center in The Heights.   There are a lot of cars and tons of activity.  These seniors rocked it and were completely unaffected by the interest in their photoshoot.    For me, I kept thinking, why is it that Astros have to have Orange as their main color!?  I mean, seriously, not all people can rock orange (myself included!) so photoshop, etc would likely present a challenge.  However, each senior was captured, I found that they each looked amazing.    It turns out that of all the photos we took of their groups, it was the candid ones that were my favorites.   The posed shots were good, but seeing them all mesh and interact was just perfect!   Such a true attitude of teamwork with new friendships and honoring the philosophy #communityovercompetition.     

This year this crew will be taking on a few more fun ideas of mine and also give back to their community!  I fully expect that this year will be full of fun memories as we celebrate their senior year! 

So without further ado...let me introduce you to my Class of 2019 Starting Line Up--this Nikki Guest Model Team is definitely in a league of their own!  Yes, I know it's a little cheesy, but hey, it is my blog and I like it! Ha! ha!     Check them out and make sure you talk to them about how to get a senior session scheduled!  These are the most sought after sessions in West Houston and even 2020 is don't waste too much time!  Happy 4th!  xo -Mrs. Nikki