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Hello Everyone!
It is funny how life works.  Occasionally there are people that walk into your life and there is a connection beyond the initial encounter.  A few years ago I met my friend Vicki while photographing an event for our Katy area.   Immediately I knew there was something that drew me to her (aside from just photographing her daughters).   She is just one of the most selfless people I have ever met.  When she sees a need, she fills it.  I wish so much I could be like her!   She has raised (still one left :-))  incredible daughters that are all so talented and they have the sincerest qualities about them.  Each differrent in their own way. 

Initially when I decided to test out "athlete & pet" mini sessions, I was planning to focus on the "athlete" (doing their pose with their fur baby).    However, after my time with Kiersten and Duke, it seemed fitting that documenting some special moments with her "furever" friend is more appropriate than ever, regardless of whether she was doing a cheerleader type action (Kiersten's high school sport). 

I also thought of all my friends that are prepping for their son or daughter to head to college and I said a little prayer.  Then, in a split second it occurred to me that as all of the moms and dads are dealing with the idea of their child (who is now an adult) headed to college, we really overlook the "furry friends" and the adjustment these sweet treasures will have to endure.    We take for granted the eager wagging of the tail after each reunion.  Whether you have been gone for 5 minutes, 5 days or 5 weeks, these happy pets long for that look in the eye and pat on the head (or in some cases rubbing of the belly!!!).   They have spent countless moments by a sick kiddo, they have cuddled next to their human during a breakup or loss and finally- have been at your feet during long nights studying.   They are such a source of comfort for their humans.  

With that said, love on the furbabies a little longer, let them have a special treat and remember, they have no way of speaking their concerns or fears.  They will need a little extra love while they adjust to their new normal.     A love between a child and their pet is beautiful and so special.  Be patient and just like you, your furry friends will adjust also!  Of course, as  Kiersten demonstrated, a little fancy waltz is always a fabulous gesture for a last dance before college! 

A little about Duke.  Duke is a "Schnoodle"( part labradoodle and schnauzer) .  He has a bow tie in a ton colors that his human owns.    I also know that these two have such a special bond and ensuring the memories are documented was sooo important. I know that their long distance relationship will endure. Each time Kiersten opens the door from being away she is going to have the sweets slobbery kisses waiting for her!  

On this shoot day Kiersten's "Duke" was celebrating his birthday -either his 3rd or 4th.   So a little party had to happen!  I love this sweet duo and am happy that this session brought a little light on a topic that could easily overlooked.  

Are you worried about missing your furry friend?  We may be offering more of these soon if there is enough interest.  A portion of the proceeds will go to CAPS.   :-) 

Duke and Kiersten did an incredible job!  I am happy to share the images so make sure you scroll down! Nikki