Hi Everyone!  

Summertime is always fun ! My schedule during the summer allows me a chance to offer mini sessions that all ages can participate in plus allows me to enjoy a little more creative freedom.  

Earlier in the spring I was contacted by two moms within two days of each other, both requesting dance mini sessions.   Dance minis are a personal favorite!!  You would need to live under a rock to not know that! ha!  Due to timing constraints, etc I couldn't offer it up to others and managed to work it out where they could share studio space.   It is always best when there are several because it cuts costs down for everyone.   This just worked perfect because they both wanted the sessions about the same time.   Neither of them knowing the other.  

What a fabulous afternoon we had!   I was grateful that Alexandra and Natasha (sisters from Seven Lakes High School) joined me along with Jennifer the new Colonel for Taylor High School's dance team.   Between the 3 of them, I certainly learned some new moves! ha! ha! Just kidding! Well, maybe they learned from me what NOT to do since when I would try to show them a pose they laughed?  I digress....hmmmm....anyway, not to fault them for that at all because honestly I am sure they were laughing with me and not AT me!!!  ha! ha!  These 3 ladies were incredible to watch and certainly a joy to capture on camera. 

Are you interested in a dance mini session?  Let me know.  If I have enough folks and time available I am up for another round.   :-)   

Enjoy today's blog and of course as always our ever faithful Ashley for her mad talent of hair and makeup. 

Enjoy! -Nikki