Hello Everyone!  

Class of 2019 is starting off strong!  Two blogs ago I introduced my Class of 2019 Model Team with a little "All Star Twist".   Since Houston won the World Series and knocked it out of the park with that win...I kind of figured we needed to celebrate by showing our love for our team with an Astros themed session.   Honestly, I think those were some of my most favorite photos...the incoming model team was at such ease and really had fun with the session!  Of course, I didn't want to just limit them with a "sports" theme (although, our one guy senior model would have been pleased :-), we did add a little something more traditional to add to our senior model session and pulled off a little "Bohemian" look to our sessions.

As I mentioned in the blog about the Astros, this was that the time I planned it, I thought, "oh, we can totally do big deal"..well, the Astros grafitti wall is in Houston and the area that we were shooting the "bohemian style" was in a little further west of Katy.   We would still need to come back to the studio, change clothes, do hair and makeup changes and scoot out of here!    These Class of 2019 simply were AWESOME!!  I cannot thank them enough for being so good about arriving on time and making it all happen.   But Ashley...dear "lawd" (TX slang for Lord so we are not disrespectful. :-), she is a miracle worker!!! Woooooahhhh....although they were split into 3 groups, my side kick....and now "ride or die" on these sessions pulled it OFF and managed to make sure these kids looked their best! 

A few little bitty tid bits about this year and my model team.  This was my first time to have a model team of 15!!!  Yes, it was a bit cray cray and I am still in recovery because it was all during the end of senior year for 2018.  I honestly did not know what I was thinking in terms of timing.   Listen, some of you are likely to say, "why would she share this about herself...? ha! ha!) I am just being honest.    I am telling you that next year model team sessions will not be in May of 2019!! ha!  ha!  If I suggest it...please ask me if I have lost my mind!   The kids did great, Ashley did great (hair and makeup artist)...but I was a HOT mess!  ha! ha!   The good news is that the seniors did an incredible job and looked stunning.  They managed to overcome bees, mosquitos and then we had RAIN and WIND!! second group got through the Astros session but when it came time for the Bohemian it was about to rain cats and dogs.   Add to the rain, wind and major lightening and you would find us headed for shelter at my friend's home.  Thank GOD she lived 5 minutes away and we managed to get their sessions done in her beautiful yard.     It was't where I had planned, but we did get some beautiful photos and made it fit our circumstances.   The funny part of this...when I was finished shooting each senior individually, I walked in the kitchen only to find my girls and my friend's daughter chowing down on oreos!  ha! ha!  That ultimately became their group shot as I just LOVE it...they were really so awesome throughout the whole evening! 

Without keeping you in suspense any is the Class of 2019 Senior Model Team!  Below you will see them separated according to their groups.  This is definitely going to be an incredible year with so many new ideas to look forward to....join me for the ride and schedule your Class of 2019 Senior Session today!   I am already booking 2020 and 2021 (yes, that is a new one...but word is don't delay!)   This year we have the following schools represented:  Katy High School, Seven Lakes High School, Tompkins High School, Cinco Ranch High School, Fulshear High School, Clements High School and Pope John XXIII and Faith West !   I am beyond excited to work with each of these is going to be an incredible year!   Let's get this party started! xo-Nikki