Hello Everyone! 

I told you guys I was still busy finishing up 2018!  It seems crazy- but with my travel schedule that is definitely the situation! 

This gorgeous Class of 2018 senior is without a doubt one of those young ladies that surprises you!   Meet Katelyn.  Ahhh...Katelyn.   Katelyn is the younger sister of a client I photographed 2 years ago.  I love it when I have the opportunity to work with siblings.   The personalities are usually (not always) very different!   Katelyn is the "quiet" one, a little more reserved; but then, in a moments' notice she switches on fierce mode for her posing abilities! Wowza!   I can say she and Allison might be different in terms of how vocal they are; but they definitely have the right sassiness!  ha! ha! 

Katelyn was recently awarded The National Hispanic Scholar Award and has been involved in a number of activities during her time at Tompkins High School.  She has been involved in choir and color guard.  In her free time she enjoys running.    I think their are two specific things that stood out to me when reading the answers to her questionnaire.  The first...she is a little more on the quiet side, but loves an edgy look.   To add to that, she wanted to have a little of the country sassiness with a little urban....such a wonderful eclectic style to this stunning young lady! The second thing (I guess, technically a 3rd, ha! ha!) she plans to major in Biomedical Engineering at Texas A & M University this Fall.   Miss Katelyn has plans on becoming a doctor.  I believe she is my 4th senior to want to become a doctor and it just makes me so proud.  

Katelyn's session was a blast...we did endure a few moments of full on wind gusts, but we survived!  I swear, these are the reasons I require having Ashley on the session!  Ha! ha!  She can rock all sorts of hairstyles and manage wind like none other!  

So...without making you wait a moment Katelyn!  



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