Hello Friends!

Summer is flying by and as it is definitely in full swing, I am finishing up senior sessions.  The unprecedented weather this year had me still shooting up until about a week prior to graduation! My typical cut off for senior sessions is towards the end of April or early May, so you can imagine how hectic it was leading right up until the big day.  Be on the look out as I have about 3 (including this one) high school senior sessions to share and then 2 college senior sessions!  The college sessions were much earlier, but due to schedule conflicts we are just now getting close to sharing them. :-) that summer is off to a full start, family is definitely part of my daily life so my work schedule is a little cray cray. :-)   

Fortunately my seniors are amazing and understand how busy this time of year has been for me.  If we had done this beauty's senior session any earlier I would have missed capturing her as Tompkin's High School's Prom Queen!  Yes, you read that right!  Meet Julia!  Julia is such a natural beauty with the most infectious smile.   It was so much fun to capture her and add the bonus of her prom dress and of course her "prom queen crown".   Although she didn't wear cowboy boots for her prom, she did add them into this session (only to avoid tall grass and unwanted critters)...who knew that those would end up being some of the favorite images of the session.  Something about seeing her walk in the boots with a few leaves dangling off the dress and a not so perfectly placed crown made these photos some of my favorites! 

Aside from capturing Julia in her prom dress, we also did some fun shots in other adorable outfits.  Her love for the look "small town girl" suited her perfectly.   My favorite being the red and white off the should with jeans.   She looked like she needed to be Cindy Crawford in pepsi or coca cola ad!  

Julia has far more to be proud of than the achievement of prom queen.  She is also a member of Tompkin's Choir (all 4 years ) and managed the Tompkin's Varsity Football Team.  She is a talented young lady with so much to look forward.   Julia plans to head to Texas A & M in the fall with enthusiasm for what the future holds! 

Congratulations Julia!   It was an absolute pleasure to capture you this year!  xo-Mrs. Nikki