Hello Everyone!

Although Class of 2018 has walked the stage and everyone is taking their first steps into "adulting", I am still finishing up senior blogs.  So between now and the next couple of weeks I will be sharing some very fun sessions.  We all know they are all fun, however, I will tell you right now....the one below might be the one that "takes the 'cake'" in terms of things falling into place all according to God's perfect timing.  

Chandler is a senior at Seven Lakes and is also one of my 2018 models.  Upon getting to know her I learned she was from Lake Charles and had relocated after Rita   Her family misses Cajun country and Louisiana flair so it seemed fitting to attempt a destination session in Louisiana.   It seemed that no matter what we did to make that happen something blocked it.  Whether it was weather, my schedule, Chandlers, just wasn't in the stars.   We finally determined that Galveston could still provide that New Orleans flair and so we began our plan to make it all work.  

Along the course of this we also planned a prom mini session.  Chandler's dress was simply stunning and getting an opportunity to insure gorgeous photos without fear of weather on prom day was just simply a necessity.  During that session, Chandler's mom shared a photo of Chandler when she was a little girl with pink roses.  It did help create a little nostalgia and desire to kind of recreate some of those "little girl" memories as a young woman.   More on Chandler's mini session with her prom dress in a bit.

As we were beginning hair and makeup for Chandler's senior session we were running almost an hour and half behind schedule and we still had to make it to Galveston.  I was a bit nervous but I knew we could do it.    Chandler had already worked with me as my model and all of our locations (once in Galveston) were fairly close to one another.   As Chandler was getting her hair and makeup done, Courtney, Chandler's mom mentioned we should have brought her cat.   She went on and on about the cat and how much the cat adores Chandler.   I was thinking, there is NO way we could possibly travel with a cat to Galveston!  There simply wasn't time to do it...we just kind of talked about how sweet it would be because Chandler LOVES cats.

Fast forward to our first location.   Chandler would be wearing the most adorable white eyelet dress with tiffany blue shoes.  I knew the perfect wall with ivy where she would just pop.  As we approached it, let's just say my stomach was in knots.  All of the ivy was dead.  It was hideous.   I knew I had to find an alternative.  We did a few shots with out the ivy looking bad and those turned out nicely but still wasn't exactly what I was looking for....I decided to back track towards the street where the car was located.   Let's just say as a photographer, the fact that I went that direction was not directed by me.  It would place us in direct SUN!  Even with a reflector and all the other equipment it was not ideal.   

As we were walking, Courtney looked to her left and saw the cutest little table with chairs...I had noticed the wall having the colors of the shoes, but hadn't noticed the table.   It even had cushions that matched the shoes! I mean, it was as though someone staged the session for us. As Chandler sat down, she looked behind her and what you see in the first set of photos below is the true reaction (I was checking my light on that first big photo)---there was this big cat in the window with the biggest blue eyes...then sitting across from her bathing was another one!  On that busy tourist street these cats were so chill.   They loved (or I like to think they did) their session!  Timing is soon as we completed it our few photos, the manager would come and remove the table and cat as it was closing time!   She had no clue we were there and we certainly hadn't planned it.  If we would have been a moment later, this would not have happened.   We knew at that point the session was set for greatness...but what next?

Well, Chandler's next outfit was red white and blue.  I was a little unsure of what would work with it and was going to place her in a spot that was familiar to me when I look across from our cat place and see an ice cream shop that is RED WHITE and BLUE!!!   Not to mention, let's just say our girl Chandler loves to eat! ha! ha!  I am not saying anything she wouldn't already proudly own! Give this girls some Taco Bell Fries or Ice cream and she is up for the modeling task!

We shot the red white and blue and then it was time to see if we couldn't pull of one other tribute to New Orleans.   The trolly.   We didn't see one, but as we began the task of searching (almost giving up), a trolly stops right next to wear we are standing.  The sunlight couldn't have been more perfect.  The driver was happy to allow us a few photos and our night was made to perfection.

As we approached time for the other outfits, time was of the essence.  We pushed my camera to the limits (love my Nikon D850) and managed to shoot Chandler's cap and gown photos after sunset.  We tried a little assist from streetlights, but it was limited.   We literally pulled it all off!  We managed the floral dress with the roses, cap and gown and all the shots that truly depict this gorgeous, friendly and funny senior.   I absolutely love working with Chandler....we had a blast!

I always love the stories that come from my sessions.  Each one is unique and creates a memory that just capitalizes on the "Senior Session Experience". 

I want to share a bit about the prom mini session.   When Courtney asked me to do this, I was excited!  This year I had mentioned to my seniors we could use the studio for prom photos.  I have a way to make it all work and it would eliminate fear of weather.   Each year, one of the schools will have prom when the risk of weather is just horrible.   I am texted many times with folks asking where the best spot is to take photos since the weather is bad...well, since I usually only shoot outdoors I don't have a clear answer.   However, if we did studio mini sessions, the problem would be solved!  It also takes the guesswork out of so 2019 we are coming for you with Prom Session Minis...stay tuned for more info on how it will all play out and making sure you don't miss out on a spot!

Finally, Chandler Rose...your name is so Southern and so sweet, it also has a hint of sassiness to it and it couldn't be more perfect for you!  I am so thrilled to share that Chandler will be attending the University of Arkansas this fall and will be majoring in Nursing.   Congratulations Chandler, being your senior photographer has been such a great pleasure!  I adore you!  Keep on enjoying will be fun to watch you achieve your dreams! 

A special thanks to Mikey's Ice cream in Galveston and The Naked Mermaid (yes, that is the name of the store). and of course The Houston Studio for the prom session.   Finally, Ashley Carlton for bringing your A game to every session this year!  You keep these girls looking fancy and photo ready each and everytime!   Until the next post..xo-Mrs. Nikki

p.s.  yes, I am posting this on vacation from a hotel computer..the keyboard stinks so no telling how many words are spelled wrong!  I just couldn't wait to share this session on the blog!