Hello Friends, 

I seem to have a trend going that is about to break WIDE open!  It appears as though Wednesday is my best day for posting on the blog.   I promise it is not planned that way at all.  It would be great if life right now was that organized.  The truth is, I am a bit crazed at the moment trying to meet each need and my "people pleaser" mentality is definitely in overdrive!  I get so attached to the images, the seniors, the process, etc that it is easy to loose yourself and not take a moment to breathe.    For a moment, I thought, am I too busy?  Then it occurred to me, no...I am blessed.   I am blessed that I have the ability to do what I do every day.  I am blessed to have such amazing seniors and parents.  I am blessed to have a family that loves seeing me pursue a passion that truly is a dream job.   Not many people can say that....although this year had it's struggles.  Weather. Weather. Weather...and uh huh..more weather we learned lessons.  We take those lessons and grow.   2019 we are coming for you head on!!! Watch out...because it is going to be a wild ride!  Prepare YO self!!  There will be a landslide of blogging over the next two weeks! 

Meet Matt-Matt is one of the lucky ones that had booked his session more than a minute ago (like summer) and weather was not on his side!  I mean, seriously, it was NOT on his side.  However, with all sessions, it becomes evident in the actual session that there was a reason.  Certain moments would not have occurred, certain epic shots and then of course, the resident Cinco Ranch alligator would not have made an appearance in our winter...yes, that is what I said...our resident alligator.   More on that later...:-) 

When I met Matt, he explained how he is from Ohio, but definitely treasures his new home in Texas.  It wasn't always easy considering he moved  to Texas when he was set to begin his freshman year in high school.  However, like, most kids in this area (we have a large population of folks from all over the world because of the oil industry) he was thrown into an environment where he could have easily remained sad or he could recognize that the best coping mechanism would be to get involved!   Meet people and embrace your new surroundings. 

Matt did that....he embraced his new Texas home and was quickly meshing with his new friends. Matt attends St. John XXIII and has been active during his 4 years. He has been captain of his basketball team and has been awarded the school spirit award.   This handsome and incredibly bright senior is headed to Texas A & M University in the Fall and will pursue a major in Mechanical Engineering.  

About Matt's mentioned earlier we had some weather earlier in the year that caused us to reschedule.   This has been the case with many this year...I mean, who could have predicted the worst hurricane event in our nation's history to happen in West Houston, then to top it off add two snow days!  My youngest son had never seen snow (that he remembers) until this year and he is 12!  We actually had folks building snowmen!    It was a pleasant surprise to have Matt's session fall on a day where it was just beautiful!   

The lighting was perfect and the temperature was just stellar!   Now that we are entering the summer months we are also being greeting by critters that remain quiet during the winter.  Our resident alligator is one of them!  I had warned Matt about the alligator being "around" and he said he didn't care and knew how to run quick. As we approached the pond, Matt spotted our friend across the pond and noticed he was resting and not plotting the murder of a senior, the photographer and her son (he helps on guy sessions).   We proceeded with our shoot, when all of a sudden I heard the loudest splash of water.  It sounded like someone jumping off the high dive.  All I can say, is it took less than a second to move my body towards Cinco Ranch Boulevard and Anderson was directly behind me (my son).  When I turned to check on Matt...well, he had the biggest grin on his face and said the alligator made a turn and when back into the brush. I am sure his smile was from the relief that all was ok and I am sure it had nothing to do with watching a 47 year old woman attempt a long jump as though she was in the olympics.  Needless to say, most of you all know me well enough that we did not stop the session!  We continued to shoot at the pond, but always with ONE eye turned to the pond!  Check out the shot of our neighborhood pal by scrolling below! 

With that being said, meet Matt....this handsome fella has easily taken on the role of a perfect southern gentleman.   It will be so much fun to watch him succeed on his journey to Texas A & M.