Hello Everyone! 

This is the weekend!  This is is the weekend where Katy area schools are graduating! 

I still have a few more sessions to finish up and share, but we are down to me counting them on ONE HAND!!  Wow!  What a year!  

To kick off the weekend, I have been on  pins and needles to share this handsome fella's senior session.   Meet Austin from Seven Lakes High School.   Austin loves the outdoors and his session definitely depicted the lifestyle that he truly enjoys.    Austin has been a member of the FFA at Seven Lakes and served as Seven Lakes FFA Chaplain.  He has won numerous awards and of all of them, the one that impressed me the most was his 1st place for 1st catch in the Katy Rodeo Calf Scramble!  If you are unfamiliar with the calf scramble, you have to google it and check it out...that is not an easy task! 

Austin currently works at the Burger Ranch near Katy.   Lisa Burger (owner) was kind enough to allow us to use the property as a backdrop for Austin's session.   Let me just say, I was in Heaven!  However, I had to laugh because two days prior I was in New York City on a session!  I love my job!   Austin's session consisted of not just pretty scenery, but him taking care of the animals that he works with everyday.   We also were able to play with the tractor a bit, bales of hay and of course showcase his love for hunting.   

A little about the animals.  We were able to photograph Austin with Gucci.  Yes, that is her name and boy does she OWN it!  This beauty is 9 months pregnant...and still managed to pop her hip and do a lean like Kim Kardashian!   I do believe the highlight was when Lisa asked if Austin wished to have his girlfriend brought out?  I was curious in that it seemed odd that Austin's girlfriend would be "in hiding"! Ha! ha!  The next thing I see is "One Feather"...the chicken! Oh, "One Feather" loves Austin!  She allows him to give her a little hug.  I swear he is like the animal whisperer on this ranch!   Austin's day was made when the tractor came out and he was able to get a few shots with it as well...and yes, I made him continue to eat the apple as I thought it added "character".  Ha! Ha! 

Austin has plans to attend Sam Houston State University (go Bearcats!) and major in Criminal Justice.  He hopes to become a game warden or park ranger.  Without further ado, let me introduce Austin, "One Feather", and "Gucci"!  A special thanks to Lisa Burger for the hospitality and sharing your beautiful ranch with us! Happy Graduation! Enjoy! x