Hello Everyone!  

Today is a great day to share this beauty's senior session.   I met Brooke through the National Charity League's Star Chapter.  When she booked her session I was so excited because I remember learning about her cheerleading accomplishments and was so pumped to capture her doing some cheer moves!  

A little shock happened a long the way....this sweet cheerleader who has participated in several global competitions and cheered at numerous football games is very quiet!  Who knew!?   Yes, she was so quiet; but when this petite beauty does a cheer routine  she is a complete power house! Holy smokes! We decided to take a few of her jumps to task on the roof of a skyscraper.  And although she will pick them apart, my mind was blown when she made the entire top floor shake!!   Then there were several moments where my heart sunk to my stomach!    She literally has NO FEAR!  

Her session was a mix of what Brooke likes...she definitely has a style about her that is very modern and contemporary...but with a little feminine flair mixed into the closet.   We took her stylish look and showcased it in the city.   It was so much fun to capture her jumping, showing her athleticism and moments later transitioning into this graceful young lady that loves style.  

As I mentioned earlier....Brooke cheers for Cinco Ranch High School and is also a member of The Woodlands Generals.  They have ranked #2 at globals 2 years in row!  She has set the bar so high year after year and is definitely someone to watch in the future. 

Brooke will be attending Texas Tech University in the Fall and plans to major in nursing.   I am so proud of you Brooke and am so excited to see what your future holds! xo  Nikki