Wow, I believe this will be day 6 of blogging! I am quite impressed with myself.   To add to my boasting I even was up at 4:30 am to watch the royal wedding!    

Today's blog is going to be slightly shortened.   I know, I are use to me writing these lengthy blogs and who knows, that could still happen once I get started!  Ha! Ha!   It is hard to imagine that graduation for Katy area schools is taking place next weekend.    The year has flown by for me as a mom of a freshmen and a photographer of seniors. 

I am often asked about how if I enjoy guy sessions, do I even put effort into a guy session; because, well, aren't they typically uninterested and doing it just for their mom?   The answer is no to the first two.   I love guy sessions (I have two boys, so documenting these boys is especially important to me).   Regarding the 3rd question, since they are guys and they typically start out being "forced", the only way for it to really be a success is to let them take ownership.    It usually starts making a deal with them, let them pick one outfit and then you pick one and so on.  Once they pick one, then suddenly they are invested.   I think it is just as crucial for them to be photographed in what they love and depicts them as the girls.  I have watched moms bring clothes that are more of what they want instead of the senior.   Remember, you want to capture them being them...not someone they are not.   They are entering adulthood and should be encouraged to participate.  Out of all the guys I photograph, 100% of them so far have said they had a blast.  I have yet to have one that didn't have fun....I even get the "wow, that was nothing like I expected".     

Today's blog features Blake.   Blake had a wonderful senior experience session.   He definitely participated in making sure his session would showcase HIM and his personality.  Blake by all accounts is not your typical guy!  Ha! Ha!  This dude could easily model...hands down.  When scrolling through his images you would think he has modeled.  Nope, he just naturally moves that seems to favor any camera angle.    He has an awesome sense of style and is just a dream to capture.   

The backdrop of downtown Houston just suited this handsome young man.   I have honestly never known anyone that could rock a sweatshirt quite like him! ha! Those may be my favorite photos! 

Blake is a basketball player for Seven Lakes High School and will be heading to University of Arkansas in the Fall.   Although he may have some model gigs, Blake will be pursuing a degree in Architecture while attending college.   I am so proud to share his amazing session....Congratulations Blake!!!  xo-Mrs. Nikki