Hello everyone!  It seems fitting to cap off the week with this gorgeous 2018 Senior Spokesmodel! I mean, look at her...!! She just brightens up a room the minute she walks in with that captivating smile!   There are so many comments to share about this session because well, there is just a lot to talk about!  

First of all, our location was a total God thing.  I mean, I literally spotted this place and thought of Alexa; didn't say a word to anyone and then out of the blue, Alexa's mom, Kim contacted me and shared that she found the perfect spot!   Little did she know we found the same place!  It was meant to be!  

Alexa's style is so down to earth, but she has this jumpsuit that was just different!  Ha! Ha!  That would be one thing we would have to incorporate.   The colors just works for various little spots around our old Texas town and Alexa's blue eyes just popped in front of every wall and building. 

We also wanted to make sure that wild flowers were present.  I can say, this beauty is from Colorado but she is wearing Texas VERY well and has embraced her new Texas roots (or is that boots? ha! ha...I know, that was corny!).  

Let's discuss the first stop, a little shop that literally had junk in the window.  A washing machine from the 40's, a clothes line and a purple sink with a plant in it.  As "redneck" (saying that with all due respect!) as it may seem, you will see....Alexa probably should be advertising for them...but wait for it....yes, A FLYING PIG IN THE DISPLAY WINDOW!?  What the what?  How adorable is that...and of course, it matched her outfit perfectly. 

We managed to make our way through the little central Texas town and then went on the ultimate mission for blue bonnets.   SCORE!!!!  Only almost ended up with a dog (long story, but it was close) and a detour that ended with Alexa's mom enduring a foot injury...but we still pulled off the ultimate session!  

There are so many fun looks below...but I have to share a fun fact.  Every photographer would just love to have an Alexa.  Of course, there is the obvious reason for being so stunning; but this girl with light blue eyes can face the sun without squinting!!! YES!!!  She even told me she could!  What!?  I mean, for realz???  My life was on cloud 9!  Being in full sun in a field of blue bonnets meant we didn't have to worry about much! 

A little about this gorgeous Seven Lakes Senior...she is just amazing! I know, you are probably thinking I say that about each one and I do!  Because each senior I choose to represent me, well, I know they are amazing and will do amazing things!   Alexa has been amazing to photograph and get to know!  She even is on the cover of my webpage doing an incredible leap on the beach!  This Seven Lakes Sapphire blows my mind when I watch her dance and has even moved me to tears.    Below I have shared some favorites from her studio and beach dance sessions.   

So, aside from being my senior spokesmodel....Alexa is such a fine example of what it means to be a classy young lady.    She is well rounded and has a strong faith that she is proud to share.

She is the Colonel of Seven Lakes Dance Team (54 girls) – which won Grand Champion Team at State Contest, was Class President for all 4 years of High School at Seven Lakes, she has set on the Superintendent's round table for all 4 years.  She has been on the Principal's Leadership Council for all 4 years.  She is a member of the Congressional Youth Advisory Council, she was (out of her class of 870 students), awarded “Miss Seven Lakes” – the most outstanding female  student in the graduating class across all areas and including academic success, organization involvement, personality, character, respect, and a love and appreciation for SLHS National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, National English Honor Society.   So, with all those accolades this girl was an easy win for being crowned Homecoming Queen – Seven Lakes High School 2017-2018!  Next up...POTUS!!  However, first...this smarty pants will be attending The Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University in the John V. Roach Honors College.  

Alexa having you on my team has been a pure joy!   You radiate your faith in God and just mean so much to me as a person.   I am beyond excited to see you achieve your dreams.    God has you in the palm of his hand and there is nothing you cannot do without him.  Stay true to YOU and your faith..looking forward to that TCU college session!  Love and Hugs! xo -Mrs. Nikki