Hello Everyone!

Wow! What a world win of craziness it has been around here !  It has been non stop! 

The good news is that I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.   The next bit of good news is that you are about to lay eyes on the "many expressions of Bailey"!  Ha! Ha!  Bailey is one of my incredibly beautiful senior spokesmodels.   I have been eager to photograph Bailey since the moment I met her....Ashley (hair and makeup artist) was wishing she could plan the delivery of her baby around Bailey's session! Ha! Ha!  Lucky for Ashley, it all worked out and she was on location with us keeping Bailey looking fresh and fancy the whole time. 

There is a song (from I think my Mom's era) that has the phrase, "that magic moment".  I kind of think that Bailey has continuous magic moments.  Let me just say, wind is not a photographer's friend unless it is planned with a fan; however, as you can see with the awesome hair "situations" below...Bailey just needed to be present to have it work.   I mean, all girls are bowing now at the fact that she has the PERFECT hair for wind, or at least she did for this session.   

Bailey nailed each look!  I mean, there was not one single detail left out.   Each one of the seniors is encouraged to keep with their "look" but if there is an outfit that you know you could rock but just have no where to wear it, well, come and find me and let's do photos!  Bailey has an amazing sense of style and it helps that she loves the bling too!  

A little about Bailey...of course, she is beautiful, but she is also has mad talent!   Before I go on and on about all of her accolades, let's discuss her face! ha! ha!  I have never known anyone to switch gears so quick to give a different look.  I knew she could pull it off...but when I watched her at a couple of Sapphire performances, it was hard to not keep my eyes on her the entire time! ha! ha!  Talk about telling a story with her eyes...just amazing. 

Bailey is a senior at Seven Lakes High School and as I mentioned she is member of the Seven Lakes Sapphires Dance Team.    She has been on the team for 3 years, was treasure of the team her junior year and is currently the president.  She is a member of Spartans Out Serving and has been a member of the student council.    This beauty will be attending Oklahoma State University in the Fall and has chosen Human Resource Management as her major. 

I could go on and on about Bailey and the fun we had on this session.  She has such a grace and elegance, but then in a split second she is a goofball that still looks adorable in all her "silly glory".   I would think everyone just wants to be her friend...there is one thing I know for sure, I am so grateful to add her to my friend list! 

Bailey-as cliche' as it sounds you are such a shining star...I mean, really!  Your charisma is contagious and will only draw people to you.   I am so grateful that you were on my team this year, it has been such a joy!   I look forward to those fun OSU senior pics with the other pals in 4 years!!!  Sending big hugs and lots and lots of congratulations!!  -Mrs. Nikki